Fundraising at Waverley has some exciting new opportunities to both raise funds for the club and win some great prizes!  For season 2019 we have 3 main areas areas of fundraising to help assist the club with some key initiatives.


Aus Sports Foundation

Raffles & Competitions

Our Sponsors

Lighting Up Waverley

Have you considered a tax deductible* donation to support the costs of our recently upgraded lights

Click here for more information

Play for Purpose Raffle

Sick of selling chocolates?  We have ditched Cadbury’s in 2019 in favour of a new raffle.  Tickets are $10 and Waverley receives 50% of all proceeds!  Tickets available now!

Bendigo Bank Challenge!

Who wants a fully funded end of season party?

All you need to do is get team members / parents to spend 5 minutes enquiring about a home loan with the Bendigo Bank#

Let’s get the party started!

Neil Brooks Junior Scholarship

Have you considered a tax deductible* donation to support Waverley club members who need some financial support to play the sport they love?

Click here for more information

Bendigo Bank Half-time Heroes

Junior players will have the opportunity to win a $50 Bendigo Bank account in a closest to the target competition – to be completed during Premier League home games at Waverley.

Find out more here.

10 for $25,000 with Bendigo Bank#

Bendigo Bank already provide us with $1,000 each time a member takes out a home loan.  If we have 10 members take out a loan, they will contribute a further $15,000 to Waverley!

Get in touch here.

* Donations are generally tax deductible but please refer to our website for details and obtain tax advice if required

# Bendigo Challenge and the 10 for $25,000 promotion is through the Ashburton, Surrey Hills, Canterbury and Balwyn branches only

Key contacts at Bendigo Bank are: Kathy Koulouris – Branch Manager & James Fernandes – Customer Relationship Manager