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2021 Membership Fees

By January 26, 2021Club, Juniors, Mens, Womens

Fees for the 2021 season have been set and largely remain unchanged since 2019. We thank members for the support we received in 2020 via donations and contributions toward pre-season expenses and ongoing running costs incurred despite COVID-19 preventing the season. This has allowed us to freeze membership fees for 2021 with the exception of Juniors playing Seniors.

Juniors playing seniors

Juniors playing Seniors has been split into two categories to more fairly recover the associated costs to the club. These are:

  • Juniors playing in the Premier League / Reserves squad; or
  • Juniors playing Pennant or Metro level teams

These Juniors will be required to pay their Junior membership fee and 50% of the applicable Senior fee.

Volunteer levy

As was the case in previous years, all senior players (except juniors also playing seniors) will also be required to pay a volunteer levy of $100 which will be credited to the member if they undertake a minimum level of volunteering to support the Club. Find out more in this article on the 2021 Volunteer Levy which detail all the activities which qualify and the process for claiming a refund of the levy.

Waverley membership fees

Fees listed below are payable to the Waverley Hockey Club for membership and volunteer levy, however exclude all Hockey Victoria and Hockey Australia fees. 

Junior membership fees

Junior Fee Category
WHC Membership Fee
Goal keepers with own kit$80
Under 10's$180
Under 12's$340
Under 14's$340
Under 16's$340

Senior membership fees

Any juniors playing seniors are required to pay the appropriate Senior fee below in addition to the applicable Junior fee, including goal keepers.

Senior Fee Category
WHC Membership Fee
+ Volunteer Levy
Premier League / Reserves$750$100
Premier League / Reserves (Student)$640$100
Premier League / Reserves (Junior)$320N/a
Pennant & Metro$650$100
Pennant & Metro (Student)$510$100
Pennant & Metro (Junior)$255N/a
Goal keepers$240$100
Goal keeper (Junior)$120N/A
Seniors playing weekend & weekday comps$850$100
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