Coach COVID-19 Training Guidelines

UPDATED June 1st, 2020

The following guidelines apply to ALL COACHES participating in training sessions at Waverley Hockey Club.

Preparing for training

  • Review the Rules – make sure you read and understand the WHC Return to Hockey policy guidelines. Should you have any questions regarding these guidelines and what you are able to do as a coach please contact your Unit Committee prior to training
  • Plan your session – Ensure you plan out your session prior to arriving at WHC. Plan activities which minimise the risk of contact occurring and allow players to stay 1.5m apart
  • Pre-assign groups – Split your squad into groups of 10 and assign a coach to each training group
  • Communicate – group A & group B lists to players and volunteers who will be supporting the training session

Before training

  • Feeling Unwell – stay home and arrange an alternative coach for your training group. If you or a member of your family or close contact is waiting for the results of a COVID test do not attend training until results are confirmed as negative
  • Shower before training – shower at home and put on clean clothing immediately before attending WHC
  • Drink bottle – bring along your own named drink bottle
  • Do not use public transport – wherever possible use private transport to get to WHC
  • Know you which group you are coaching – group A or B

Arrival at the club

  • Don’t arrive early – wait in your car until all players and coaches from the previous session have exited
  • No warm-up – warm-up should only occur once players have entered the WHC facility, do not ask your team to warm up in the car park or soccer areas

Entering the club

Whilst maintaining a 1.5 separation from other players and officials, approach the entry knowing your assigned grouping and:

  1. Proceed to GROUP A or GROUP B entry lane depending on your assignment
  2. Approach the check-in bollard and use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete your check-in
  4. Proceed to the gate and show the Gate Supervisor the on-screen success page following check-in
  5. Proceed through the gate to the sanitisation station and apply sanitiser to your hands
  6. Proceed directly onto the pitch following the markers/guides maintaining a 1.5 distance from any players.

During training

During the training session please ensure participants:

  • Adults remain 1.5 apart – whilst players aged 18 and under may be in close contact adults must remain 1.5m apart from other adults at all times
  • Junior contact training – players aged 18 years and under may undertake contact drills and play practice games
  • Ensure no more than 20 players – No more than 10 players are permitted in each half of the ground
  • Stay in your group’s half – Do not leave your half of the ground, ensure players and other coaches warm-up and train in their half and do not enter your half at any time, including to retrieve any balls
  • Ensure players do not share ANY equipment – including drink bottles, hockey sticks, shin pads, goalkeeping gear, masks, mouthguards, gloves, etc.
  • Manage activities to be non-contact – so that players remain 1.5m apart at all times, where required get players to change shirt colour as bibs are not allowed
  • Club room (board / video sessions) and change rooms
    • The club rooms can only be used if booked via the Unit President under the following rules:
      • Remain 1.5m apart from other persons at all times
      • No more than 20 people (coaches and players) in the rooms any time
    • Usage of change rooms and toilets is allowed under the following rules:
      • Use of toilets allowed, with one person in toilet area at a time
      • Use of showers – not permitted
      • Use of change room – no more than 5 people all 1.5m apart

Player / coaches joining both a junior and a senior training session

Ensure junior players between sessions move up to the change rooms to:

  1. Change clothes
  2. Thoroughly sanitise hands
  3. Disinfect their hockey stick, glove and face masked (if used) for field players and all kickers, gloves and other equipment that has come into contact with balls and players for goal keepers

Concluding training

Time is of the essence, all players and officials must fully exit the ground before the next session can commence entry. Therefore, whilst maintaining a 1.5 separation from other players and officials must:

  1. Equipment pack up – Collect all balls and cones and store in ball bag for cleaning after training
  2. Ground Exit – Ensure players maintain 1.5m distance as they collect their belongings and exit the ground through the same pitch gate they entered (they must leave all protective gear on to ensure this is a timely process, goalkeepers are excluded from this requirement)
  3. Facility Exit – Proceed to the GROUP A or GROUP B exit lane [same as entry]
  4. Sanitise your hands – at the exit point
  5. Sign out – will be done automatically (the app signs you out after 1 hour)
  6. Go directly to your car – leave the clubs grounds, do not hang around or socialise
  7. Shower – as soon as you arrive home and put on clean clothes

Post training

  • Equipment clean – all communal equipment (balls, cones) must be cleaned following the WHC Return to Hockey guidelines by either the coach or as agreed with team managers / other volunteers.