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Hockey Victoria Member Protection Policy

Waverley Hockey Club has a long-standing commitment to the health, safety, inclusion and general wellbeing of all of its members, participants and supporters. WHC is dedicated to providing a supportive, friendly, diverse and inclusive environment for all those that interact with the Club.

To this end, Waverley Hockey Club proudly adopts and complies with the Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy.

In summary, the Policy is designed to capture to Hockey Australia’s values of Leadership, Integrity, Excellence, and Inclusion. The Policy protects rights, identifies responsibilities and outlines procedures for the Policy’s compliance. This includes;

  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment for all members of the sporting community
  • Outlining expectations for member’s use of social media
  • Protecting members from harassment, abuse, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviour
  • Promoting and modelling positive behaviour
  • This policy applies to officials, parents, administrators, spectators, volunteers and participants

The Hockey Victoria Codes of Behaviour/Contact are available from the Hockey Victoria website HERE

The Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy is available HERE

The Member Protection Officer at Waverley Hockey Club is Bareetu Aba-Bulgu. Contact 0401 189 219 or at