Juniors Playing Seniors

For those players wanting to play in the senior competition, some information is outlined below:

  • Once players move beyond U18s they must make the move into ‘open’ – or senior- teams; with their age making them no longer eligible for junior competition. Some players may choose to do this following U16s, rather than going on to play U18s. In many ways this can be a big step up, not just in the level of competition but also in the more independent way that players are treated, as adults rather than children.
  • To promote a successful transition into seniors, Waverley Hockey Club support and encourage young players from the age of 14 and up to join a senior team, and play in both junior and senior competitions concurrently for at least one season. Such experience will prove invaluable for the player, aiding in both their on field development as well as well as their social maturity.
  • While encouraging their participation, Waverley Hockey Club acknowledge that these players are not yet adults, and have put specific measures in place to ensure the senior experience is as positive as possible.

Club policy regarding junior players in senior competition:

Waverley Hockey Club have a selection policy in place to further protect the interests of both the young players themselves, as well as the hockey club itself. A summary of the main aspects of the policy is included below, whilst the finer details can be discussed with the Junior-Senior Liaison Officer upon request.

  • It is advised players are at least 14 years of age as of January 1st to register for senior competition that year.
  • Upon registration for senior competition, junior players will be given the opportunity to play for a senior team in at least 75% of the remaining rounds of that competition.
  • Junior players will not be discriminated against in senior competition with regards to team selections and field-time irrespective of age, fees, or the playing of an additional (junior grade) match in the same round.
  • Junior players in senior competition will play the majority of their senior games in a single team.
  • It is preferable that junior players will play the majority of their senior games in a team which features at least one “peer” player, of similar age and experience level.
  • All players that are of junior age (U16 or below) must be available to play for Waverley in a junior competition (including training) as a priority over playing in a senior competition.

As Juniors playing in a seniors completion, you will be expected to be playing at least 2 games per week, and therefore must put plans in place after consultation with your coaches to ensure that you manage yourselves (regarding injury prevention, fatigue, and nutrition) accordingly.


In 2019 Senior training is to be confirmed – however previous training is as follows.

Premier League Squad (PL, PLR, Pennant) Men: Tuesdays 8.45 to 10.15pm & Thursdays 7-8.30pm

Premier League Squad (PL, PLR, Pennant) Women: Tuesdays 7.15 to 8.45pm & Thursdays 8.30 – 10pm

Metro Men: Wednesday 8.30pm

Metro Women: Wednesday 7.30pm

Registration & Fees

Juniors playing Seniors do not pay full Senior fees, however will incur additional cost to junior fees. Juniors must register separately for Seniors with 2019 fees to be confirmed.