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BBQ & Canteen Duty

Use this link to sign up for your canteen duty spot:
How does the Canteen operate?

Junior teams run a BBQ & the canteen every Friday night during the Junior season to provide parents / players / spectators with access to a variety of “dinner” food. Juniors and their families in doing so will help increase club income from both the food and drinks.

Junior teams run the canteen every Saturday morning during the Junior season to provide parents / players / spectators with access to coffee/tea, drinks & food and generate income for the Club from the canteen.

What are the roles & responsibilities associated with the WHC canteen?
Canteen Volunteer (parent or player):
  • Contact the other Canteen Volunteer rostered at the same time as you and confirm they will be attending the shift. Encourage each other to be on time!
  • Turn up for your shift as agreed via the roster, sign into the “canteen volunteers” book in the canteen
  • Follow the instructions contained in this guide and also posted in the canteen
  • If players under the age of 18 are assisting in the canteen a responsible adult must be in attendance supervising the handling of money, hot food and safe food handling practices
  • Handover to the next group of volunteers at the end of your shift – and sign out of the volunteers book
  • Under the direction of the Operations manager assist them to set up the canteen and WHC centre and clean and close the WHC centre at the end of each playing day.
Team Manager:
  • Will work with the Roster Co-ordinator to ensure each team does volunteer to support the canteen and BBQ duties as assigned.
  • The Roster Co-ordinator will only assign a “team”, it will be the responsibility of the Team manager to work out who is covering and how this is shared across the team.
  • Note
    • Panthers: Will be responsible for 8-9.30am each Saturday,
    • U10 and U12 teams will be responsible for the time slots for rest of Saturday morning (based on who has a game at the ground)
    • U14 and U16 are responsible for Friday nights depending on fixtures
Roster Co-ordinator:
  • Setup the roster of when BBQ and Canteen duty is required based on Friday and Saturday morning HV fixtures.
  • Will only assign a team to each slot, it is the Team Manager`s responsibility to assign individuals. Where a junior does the duty a parent needs to be there to supervise since food safety needs to be cared for and the duty involves the handling of hot food and drinks as well.
WHC Operations Manager:
  • Oversee the smooth operations of the whole of the WHC to ensure the centre is clean and safe.
  • Oversee that food served in the canteen is served in accordance with food safety and safe handling of food guidelines.
  • Purchase the canteen food and BBQ supplies. Ensure these foods are stored safely and food safety records are kept.
  • Ensure all food equipment is clean and safe to be operated.
  • Communicate with the Canteen volunteers the roles and expectations of the Canteen volunteer for the shift.
  • Set up the cash registers for the start of the shift and cash in at the end of the shift.
  • It is not the role of the Operations manager to serve customers – this is the primary role of the canteen volunteers.
What is the process if a Canteen volunteer does not arrive for their shift?

From 2016, Junior parents and senior player volunteers will man the WHC canteen. This is now not the role of the Operations Manager.

In the unlikely event that a canteen volunteer does not turn up to do their shift, the most senior committee member at the ground will execute the following options at the time –

  1. Encourage the last volunteer to remain until the Canteen volunteer arrives
  2. Call for another volunteer currently at the ground to do the shift and then they can swap their shift with the person who did not arrive.
  3. If these options are not viable close the canteen.
What are the details of the BBQ and / or Canteen shift duty?

Attached guide provides lots of information about BBQ & Canteen duties, it also provides some basic guidance on food handling safety, click here.