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Become A Hockey Umpire (Juniors)

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Thinking of volunteering your time to umpire? Your time and efforts are much appreciated – games cannot go ahead without umpires, so your involvement plays a critical role in our Club’s success!

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If you are interested in umpiring please fill out the form on Survey Monkey attached and then we will be in contact!

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Umpire Development

Find out all about Junior Umpire training, development and accreditation, including a list of forthcoming training opportunities, what accreditation is available for the junior competitions and the benefits of being an umpire.

Find Out About Umpire Development

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you’ll find answers to common questions about umpiring. If you have any further questions, please contact the Umpire Coordinator(s) in the first instance, or any other member of the committee, click here for contact details.

Do umpires get paid?

Yes. Umpires are paid based on the level of the game they umpire. Payment is usually made half at the start of the season and the rest in the middle of the season. 2020 payments are yet to be confirmed, as an indication 2019 payments were as follows:

  • U10 #1 $15
  • U10 #2 $15
  • U10 #3 $15
  • U12 Girls Shield $25
  • U12 Mixed District $25
  • U12 Mixed Pennant $25
  • U12 Mixed Shield $25
  • U14 Girls Shield $30
  • U14 Mixed District $25
  • U14 Mixed Shield $30
  • U16 Girls Shield $30
  • U16 Mixed District $25
  • U16 Mixed Pennant $30
  • U16 Mixed Shield $30

I don’t have a car, but I’d still like to umpire. Can I carpool with someone to away games?

Yes, you can. If you contact your Umpire Coordinator with enough notice before the game, they can get in touch with the Team Managers and ask about getting you there. It’s all about communication, so let us know where you’re at and we can help get you where you need to go.

I’m an experienced umpire, can I help to train some of the less experienced umpires?

Yes, you can. We’d love to hear from you, as we are always looking at ways to provide our umpires with greater knowledge and experience. Get in touch with your Umpire Coordinator and we’ll work with you to pair you with some keen learners!

I’ve never umpired before, but I’m keen to learn – what’s the process?

Find Out About Umpire Development

There are online “Level 0 Community Umpire” courses plus Hockey Victoria (HV) run a Level 1 Umpire Course. It is recommended that you undertake this first level course as a beginner, but there is still plenty of opportunity to learn at the games. We will assign you to a beginner level (eg unpaid umpiring at U8/U10 Panthers clinics, then as you get experience we will move you on to paid umpiring with a mentor).

Please note on the ‘Umpire Contact & Availability Form’ your current level of experience, and say ‘YES’ when asked whether you would be interested in training. Then we can contact you with upcoming course dates and/or partner you with a more senior umpire.