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Operations Manager – Position Vacant

By December 6, 2023Club

The club would like to thank Rachel Hull who has been our Operations Manager for a long time and done a wonderfully job in ensuring the club runs in a way that delivers us both on field and off field success.  Rachel is unfortunately moving on from the position and we are accepting applications for the role.

Position Description

Title of the role: Operations Manager
Program Area: Operations Committee
Reports to: Executive Operations

About Waverley Hockey Club

Waverley caters to players of all ages and ability within a passionate and friendly club environment. Teams include Panthers (entry level), Juniors, Seniors and Masters, for girls, boys, men and women. Waverley has Premier League men and women, and A grades at all levels of Juniors, along with various grades for all players of various ability and social competitions. Since its humble beginnings in 1958, Waverley has risen to prominence in Hockey Victoria. The club has produced 15 Australian Representatives and countless Victorian Representatives. Waverley  as won numerous State League 1 / Premier League titles in men’s and women’s competitions and at various intervals, the club has dominated hockey in Victoria over several consecutive  years. Waverley’s social environment is strong and encourages member participation off the field. Members interact between all levels and grades, where a close-knit family of ‘Panthers’  strive for success and enjoyment in their hockey.

Our Values


For the club, its members, each other and for the property of the Waverley Hockey Club through treating each
other in a fair and objective manner with the Club’s interests being first and foremost.


Through ensuring we are honest, open, and transparent in our dealings with Club matters.


Through making decisions, inputting to meetings, and communicating with each other and our members in a manner that is without bias, favouritism or self-interest.


Through ensuring we can hold ourselves to scrutiny and carry through on our decisions within the resources of our club.

Position Summary

The Operations Manager role manages the day-to-day operations including canteen, bar and facility maintenance to ensure facilities are suitable and available for all members and visiting teams, whilst also maximising the revenue Waverley Hockey Club can achieve from its facilities. The role is part-time, with an expectation of averaging 10 hours per week, and averaging 15 hours on weeks with Premier League games. It is expected that you will handle all tradespersons and delivery persons that come to the clubrooms, as well as manage the cleaners, gardeners and sanitary bins companies. Under the direction of the Executive Operations, and with the support of the Club President, the Operations Manager will:

Canteen and Bar

  • Work closely with the Social Committee and Unit Committees to maximise revenue for key game days and events
  • Maintain a list of suppliers and source new suppliers, and ensure suppliers are updated with relevant WHC contact details for deliveries
  • Ensure adequate stock levels, and order stock as required

Premier League

  • Attend the club for all PL home game days overseeing activities on this day
  • Ensure tech Bench is set up prior to the first PL game and packed up after the final PL game
  • Set up premier league post game functions each game day, ensure cleaned up afterwards

Volunteer/Airtaskers Roster

  • Provide to each Unit’s Committee’s Roster Co-ordinator a schedule of days/times and number of volunteers required
  • Work with each Unit Committee’s Roster Co-ordinator to ensure adequate coverage of all required volunteering slots, with use of Airtaskers where needed to fill slots
  • Ensure all volunteers are documented and recorded for volunteer levy refunds

Facility Maintenance

  • 24-hour emergency contact and attend facility as required (ensure Council, security and other external contacts have up to date contact information)
  • Putting out and taking in council bins
  • Co-ordinate working bees with at least one to be held prior to round 1
  • Maintain list of suppliers, tradespeople and vendors
  • Update suppliers with WHC contact details to ensure they are able to contact the club
  • Arrange maintenance as required and ensure suppliers have access to facility as required to complete task
  • Keep the office, canteen and clubrooms organised, neat and tidy throughout the season and ensure office is always available for meetings
  • Keep storerooms organised throughout the season
  • Co-ordinate cleaners, oversee regular cleaning quality and arrange additional cleaning as required

Key Functions Key Performance Indicators

Team Effectiveness

This will include:

  • Working as part of the team on the basis of an ethos of collaboration, co-operation and mutual support
  • Support for, and on-going development of, an environment based on shared accountability and effective knowledge sharing
  • Co-operation with all Committee members in order to ensure continuity of efficiency and the provision of an exceptional club culture

Organisational Alignment

This will be achieved through on-going contribution and awareness ensuring:

  • The facility activities reflect the core values of Waverley Hockey Club
  • Customers and Club Members needs are reviewed to ensure an effective community environment is aligned with need
  • Quality systems and standards are subject to on-going development to
    support enhanced service delivery

Financial Responsibilities

  • The role is expected to uphold responsibility for ensuring payments to all necessary are arranged and paid promptly, including:
  • Ensuring payments to suppliers are paid via account/invoice wherever possible, and ensuring that these are set up correctly for payment
  • Handing over all payslips, invoices and associated papers to the Treasurer in a timely matter to ensure paid on time
  • If it is not possible to pay via account, utilise the Club debit card, ensuring the Treasurer is given adequate notice to put funds on the card and all receipts are provided to the Finance  Committee in a timely matter

Committee Support

In order to assist you to be as successful as possible, the Club commits to providing the following support:

  • Support (including payment of any fees and payment for time to undertake) to complete your RSA, Food Handling Certificate and Food Safety Supervisor Certificate
  • Volunteer labour (or Airtaskers) to enable the opening of our canteen and bar
  • Regular meetings with the Executive Operations during your tenure to provide support and an avenue for you to raise any questions or requirements of the Executive Committee

Club Functions

A limited number of functions will be held during the season for example the Life Members lunch and sponsor’s lunch. Work with the relevant committee member responsible for each event to:

For Waverley events

  • Help organise, set up, and liaise with other organisers to ensure supplies are bought and drinks are available

For non-Waverley events

  • Assist with run through of clubroom facilities and what’s available to use
  • Assist with open/close of event, or organise keys and key information sheet
  • Additional cleaning after functions
  • Canteen/bar open for ground hire where the club has an opportunity to earn income eg. JSC training or practice games

Qualifications and Essential Requirements

  • Current and valid RSA (Club can assist with you obtaining this)
  • Current and valid Working with Childrens Check
  • Current, or studying to receive a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate and Food Handling Certificate (Club can assist with you obtaining this)
  • Current and valid Driver’s Licence with the ability to transport supplies as needed

Technical Knowledge, Experience and Availability


  • An understanding of the food services model, and willing to abide by food standards in the canteen and bar
  • Build and establish effective relationships with tradespersons, suppliers and vendors
  • An ability to work with culturally diverse individuals


Prior experience in management, community involvement and customer service

Capacity for on-call assistance if clubroom and/or ground bookings require assistance



  • Effective communication skills, verbal and written, particularly as these apply to the writing of reports, emails and meetings


  • Strong skills in developing and maintaining relationships with staff, volunteers and suppliers
  • Able to see things from others point of view and confirm understanding of that point of view
  • Able to express personal views in a constructive and diplomatic manner

Organising and Planning

  • Able to prioritise maintenance needs and operate accordingly, reviewing and adjusting as required
  • Able to implement systems and procedures to guide work and track progress
  • Able to recognise barriers and find effective ways to deal with them
  • Able to identify processes, tasks and resources required to achieve a goal
  • Self-Management
  • Able to manage time effectively and seek assistance if unable to perform required duties
  • Able to be patient and understanding of the club’s volunteers and their time commitment to the club

Technology Skills

  • Familiar with Google Drive
  • Able to effectively write reports using Microsoft Word
  • Able to effectively manage important files on Microsoft Notes, and update them accordingly and in a timely matter


Submission of Applications

To submit your application for the role of Operations Manager, please send your resume through to