Authorised by: Waverley Hockey Club – Junior Committee

This policy is to be read in conjunction with the Position Description of Senior and Assistant Coaches and the Fee Relief policy. This policy only applies to the outdoor winter season. Refer the Indoor policy for any guidelines regarding coaching.

1. Introduction

Waverley Hockey Club (“the Club”) has a rich history in the community since its establishment in 1958. The Club is committed to developing junior hockey and providing high quality coaching. The Club recognises that selecting the best coaches is key to this commitment.

2. Purpose of the Policy

The primary purpose of this policy is to assist the Junior Committee by providing a framework for the selection of coaches. By extension, this policy aims to select the best coaches to develop junior hockey and the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of Waverley players.

A secondary purpose of this policy is to give coaching candidates, parents, players and other members a guideline as to processes and procedures of coach selection.

3. Definitions
Assisting in coaching activities Supervising activities that a coach has created. Supervising includes the ability to offer tips.
Coach(es) a person appointed by the junior committee to coach a junior team. A coach refers to Senior and Assistant Coaches, unless otherwise specified
Assistant Coach Refer to Position Description
Senior Coach Refer to Position Description
Delegate A person appointed by the Junior Committee to act on their behalf for the purposes of this policy


Parent A parent includes a biological parent, a step parent or a guardian
4. Eligibility
All Coaches
  1. Candidates must have a Working With Children’s Check. This must be submitted to the Junior Committee, through their delegate, before the commencement of pre-season training.
  2. Candidates must comply with Waverley’s Working With Children Check policy.
Requirements for Senior Coaches
  1. Level 1 Hockey coaching qualification for Shield coaches – essential
  2. Friendly, approachable personality; and
  3. Coaching qualification (either in hockey or general sports coaching) – Highly Desirable; or
  4. Experience in Assistant and Coaching (for approximately 2 years) – Highly Desirable; or
  5. Experience as a permanent player of a Senior Pennant B Level or higher hockey team – highly desirable
Requirements for Assistant Coaches
  1. Friendly and approachable personality; and
  2. Experience playing hockey at any level;
5. Selection Procedure

The selection procedure of appointing coaches will be conducted by the Junior Committee.

Between November to January the Junior Committee will seek expressions of interests accompanied by an application form. The application form will include, amongst other things;

  1. personal details,
  2. previous relevant experience
  3. playing history
  4. coaching qualifications
  5. preference of a team to coach
  6. availabilities
  7. a brief section on why a coaching candidate wishes to be an assistant/senior coach.

Expressions of interest will be sought through, but not limited to; social media, the Club, word of mouth, and meetings with coaching candidates. This application form must be submitted to the Junior Committee by January 14th.

In addition to the criteria as stated in clause 4) ‘Eligibility’, the Junior Committee will consider the suitability of a candidate and their desired team.

Should the Junior Committee desire it, a candidate may be called for an interview in the Junior Committee’s absolute discretion.

From mid January 2016 to mid February of each year the Junior Committee will discuss and vote as to whom they will appoint as coaches. This time frame has been left wide, so as to give coaching candidates (should they be University students) the opportunity to alter their coaching availabilities should University timetables be restricted.

Candidates will be notified of the outcome via an appropriate forum by the end of February.

6. Dismissal

The Junior Committee has the discretion to dismiss coaches where they are reasonably satisfied that any of the following has occurred;

  1. a Coach does adhere to the values and principles of both the Club or Hockey Victoria; OR
  2. a Coach does not meet the eligibility criterion; OR
  3. a Coach has engaged in serious misconduct that objectively warrants dismissal in all of the circumstances; OR
  4. a Coach does not have an appropriate and valid Working With Children’s Check Card; OR
  5. any other events or circumstances where it is in the interests of the Club as a whole that the Coach be dismissed
 7. Procedural Fairness

A Coach that is under review for dismissal will be entitled to procedural fairness including but not limited to;

  1. A meeting with the Junior Committee to discuss and respond to any allegations under clause 6).
  2. A support person at the above meeting
  3. Any other procedural fairness that the Junior Committee deems to be appropriate in all of the circumstances
8. Coach Grievances

Any coach grievances should be discussed with the Junior Committee’s delegate.

9. Professional Development

It is the Club’s belief that professional development is vital to lifting the playing standard of the Junior Unit. As such, it is a requirement that coaches attended at least 75% of professional development sessions run by the Club.

Coaches will be notified of professional development sessions throughout the season by the Junior Committee or the Director of Coaching at Waverley Hockey Club.

10. Parents or Guardians Coaching their own Children

In the majority of cases the Club does not support parents coaching their child’s team. The aim is to prevent any actual or perceived bias, to ensure players get access to a wide variety of coaches and coaching styles during Junior career and to ensure that there are adequate coaching roles available for Senior unit players.

This does not prevent parents from assisting the Coach in coaching activities with the permission of the Coach.

A parent may coach another team that their child or children is not in.

If the Junior Committee determines it to be in the best interests of the Club and the particular team in question then they may appoint a parent of a child in that team to be that team’s coach. Parents wishing to be considered as a coach for a team their child is in should follow the Selection process outlined in section 5.

11. Coaches Coaching the Same Group of Players for Several Years

A Coach will not be able to coach the Group of Players for more than two consecutive seasons. After two years of not coaching that Group of Players a coach can reapply to coach again. For the avoidance of doubt, this clause is aimed at avoiding a situation where a Coach coaches a team in an age group for two years, and then coaches the age group above for the next two years, thereby still coaching largely the same group of players. Eg, A Coach coaches Under 12 Shield for two years then the same Group of Players in Under 14 Shield for the next two years.

This is to ensure that the Group of Players gets the benefit of experiencing a wide range of coaches, coaching practices and learning styles.

This does not prevent a past coach from assisting the coach in coaching activities with the permission of the coach and the Junior Committee.

12. Senior and Assistant Coaches Applying Together

The Committee welcomes applications from individuals who wish to coach together. However, in deciding whether to accept these applications the Committee will consider

  1. The coaches’ relationship; and/or
  2. The coaches’ experience (both as a player and as a coach)