Club policy regarding junior players in senior competition

Waverley Hockey Club have a selection policy in place to further protect the interests of both the young players themselves, as well as the hockey club itself. A summary of the main aspects of the policy is included below, whilst the finer details can be discussed with the Junior-Senior Liaison Officer upon request.

  • It is advised players are at least 14 years of age as of January 1st to register for senior competition that year.
  • Upon registration for senior competition, junior players will be given the opportunity to play for a senior team in at least 75% of the remaining rounds of that competition.
  • Junior players will not be discriminated against in senior competition with regards to team selections and field-time irrespective of age, fees, or the playing of an additional (junior grade) match in the same round.
  • Junior players in senior competition will play the majority of their senior games in a single team.
  • It is preferable that junior players will play the majority of their senior games in a team which features at least one “peer” player, of similar age and experience level.
  • All players that are of junior age (U16 or below) must be available to play for Waverley in a junior competition (including training) as a priority over playing in a senior competition.

As Juniors playing in a seniors completion, you will be expected to be playing at least 2 games per week, and therefore must put plans in place after consultation with your coaches to ensure that you manage yourselves (regarding injury prevention, fatigue, and nutrition) accordingly.