Leadership Policy – Juniors


To assist with the selection of a leadership group for each junior team.


The selection of a leadership group for a team is important as the roles can influence team cohesion, whether players feel welcome and also player development.

The Junior Committee see leadership roles as key positions for each team and also a great opportunity for juniors to learn leadership skills. The Waverley Junior unit method of selecting the leadership group for each team is outlined below:

2) Scope

This policy applies to U12, U14, U16 teams full field teams only, U10 and U12 half field teams should rotate a “captain” each game.

3) Selection of Leadership Group

Waverley hockey club junior unit recognises that not players are comfortable or capable of taking on the leadership roles within the team, this must be taken into consideration along with criteria outline din more detail below but including:

  • Team Player – The player plays for the team rather than themselves;
  • Relationship to the rest of the team – supportive of all players regardless of skill;
  • Ability to assist the coach with developing team members;
  • Team Commitment;
  • Encourages good Sportsmanship with team members;
  • Emotional Maturity at the level required to assist the team / coach for that age group.

The Senior & Assistant coach will select 3 players to form the leadership group for that team for the season based on the following criteria either just before or following Round One (depending on how many opportunities the coaches have had to see the players in both training and game situations):

  • Active communicator providing direction of the team during training and games
  • Good team player – prioritises the needs of the team over the needs of themselves. Sees the wider goal of team as more important than the individual, yet sees individual improvement as an aspect of developing the team
  • Responsible – ensures all tasks given to them are executed properly
  • Self confident – confident in their own abilities
  • Motivated – motivated to improve their own hockey skills as well as the skills of the entire team. A motivation of overall betterment
  • Motivating – never discourages, always encourages players; focuses on the development of players rather than winning
  • 100% commitment to team (eg training attendance, concentration at training, listening to coaches etc)
  • Supportive of all players regardless of capability (encouraging of less capable players and able to direct stronger players)
  • Willing to listen to coaches and apply feedback
  • Ability to receive feedback and criticism on own game/skills
4) Weekly requirement for a Captain

This leadership group will all have leadership responsibilities at every training session and every game however based on the requirement to have one player nominated as Captain each game they will rotate this task.

5) Removal of a member of the Leadership Group

Should a player who is a member of this leadership group be regularly “carded” or formally suspended from training or a game/s for inappropriate behaviour by either Hockey Victoria or the Waverley Hockey Club then the Junior Committee and the

Head Coach will review the appropriateness of this player remaining as a member of the leadership group.