2022 Winter Registration

Register for the 2022 season now!

We encourage you to complete Registration as soon as possible, even if you are not currently in a position to complete full payment as this assists with critical planning and team entries for the 2022 season.

Hockey Victoria Fees 2022

All players are required to purchase Hockey Victoria membership as well as a Waverley Hockey Club Hockey Victoria membership. HV fees for 2022 are as follows:

  • 18 years and under: $83
  • Over 18 years: $110

Waverley Hockey Club Fees

Fees for the 2022 winter season have been set and are outlined below. Fees have increased 3% on 2021 due to an increase in costs, including Hockey Victoria affiliation fee increases which were on average an increase of 5% (team dependent).

Volunteer levy

As was the case in previous years, all senior players (except juniors also playing seniors) will also be required to pay a volunteer levy of $100 which will be credited to the member if they undertake a minimum level of volunteering to support the Club. Find out more in this article on the 2022 Volunteer Levy which detail all the activities which qualify and the process for claiming a refund of the levy.

Fee Payment Policy

Fees must be paid in line with the Waverley Hockey Club fee policy, the full policy can be found here. Key points to note include:

  • Any player with fees outstanding from any period since 1 January 2018 will not be eligible for selection in any competition until full payment has been made, or a payment plan has been agreed;
  • Premier League and Premier League Reserves squad members must pay at least $250 of their fees by 28 February 2022;
  • All players must have paid their fees in full (or be paying via a payment plan) by Round 4. Players who do not meet this criteria will not be will not be eligible for selection in any competition;
  • Should any player play less than 6 games in total due to injury or other reasons they will be eligible for casual fees, if a player plays 6 games or more they will be required to pay full fees;
  • The policy also outlines the Club’s position should the season be cancelled, abandoned or incomplete.

Request for progressive payment (payment plan)

If you wish to pay via a payment plan this must be set up as soon as possible. Please email the Treasurer treasurer@waverleyhc.org.au to request.

Waverley Hockey Club Fees 2022

Junior Fees
Stick2Hockey $45 per term
U10 & U12 half field $185
U12 full field $350
U14 $350
U16 $350
Junior playing juniors and seniors $650
Goal keeper if providing own kit $90
Goal keeper providing own kit playing juniors & seniors $300
Junior casual playing fee n/a


Senior Fees
Metro & Pennant $670
Metro & Pennant Student rate (not junior playing seniors) $525
Premier League / Reserves $770
Premier League / Reserves  Student rate (not junior playing seniors) $650
Goal keeper providing own kit $250
Juniors also playing seniors (any grade) $650
Goal keeper providing own kit playing juniors & seniors $300
Seniors casual playing fee $40 per game
Masters $515
Dual comp Masters & Seniors – if playing in a Senior team & a Masters team select this option $875

How to register

The 2022 registration process will be the same as 2021 with Waverley Hockey Club emailing invoices for membership fees in 2021 rather than collecting immediate payment via Revolutionise (to reduce our payment transaction fees).

How to register?

  1. Click here to go to the Waverley Registration page
  2. If you are a returning member select the RETURNING MEMBER button, if you are a new member select the NEW MEMBER button;
  3. Enter your National ID number, first name, last name, date of birth and your gender identity;
  4. You will then receive a link via email to confirm your identity to proceed;
  5. In the email click on the RENEW MEMBERSHIP button which will take you back to the registration page
  6. All your details should be visible on the page (but blanked out), click on NEXT STEPS button
  7. You then need to select your membership type, either a non-playing membership (for coaches, team managers) which is $0 cost or a playing membership from the list of options, for example Senior – Pennant/Metro. The “price” shown on the right-hand side of the cost of the HV membership, in the description you will see the Waverley Hockey Club membership price
  8. Click on NEXT STEP button to see your purchase summary. This page shows the Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria components split out plus your Waverley Hockey Club playing membership type.
  9. Click on NEXT STEP button, you will be asked to confirm your details and asked a series of questions
  10. Click on NEXT STEP button and you will need to confirm HV’s terms & conditions
  11. Click on NEXT STEP button and proceed to payment of your Hockey Victoria annual fee (Waverley Hockey Club will send you an invoice for your playing fees via email)
  12. You will receive two emails once you have completed the process:
    1. Email from no-reply@revoluntionise.com.au titled “Membership Details” confirming your payment to Hockey Victoria and your membership registration
    2. Subsequently you will receive an email from Waverley Hockey Club with your invoice. These are done in batches so it may be a couple days / weeks before you receive depending on the timing of your registration