Supervisor COVID-19 Training Guidelines

UPDATED June 1st, 2020

The following guidelines apply to ALL VOLUNTEERS participating in training sessions at Waverley Hockey Club.

Preparing for a supervision session

  • Review the Rules – make sure you read and understand the WHC Return to Hockey policy guidelines. Should you have any questions regarding these guidelines and what you are able to do as a coach please contact your Unit Committee prior to training
  • Receive player group list – ensure you receive the list of pre-assigned groups for the training session (players will be split into group A & group B)

Before training

  • Feeling Unwell – stay home and arrange an alternative coach for your training group. If you or a member of your family or close contact is waiting for the results of a COVID test do not attend training until results are confirmed as negative
  • Shower before training – shower at home and put on clean clothing immediately before attending WHC
  • Drink bottle – bring along your own named drink bottle
  • Do not use public transport – wherever possible use private transport to get to WHC

Arrival at the club

  • Arrive early – unlike players and coaches who must wait in their car until all players and coaches from the previous session have exited, supervisors should arrive early and manage handover with prior session supervisor/s

Opening duties

If you are in the group opening up the facility arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the session start time.
Lock gates behind you so no one enters the facility whilst you are setting up.

  • Sign in – approach the check-in bollard and use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete your check-in
  • Proceed through the gate to the sanitisation station and apply sanitiser to your hands prior to undertaking setup tasks
  • Change Room – open the WHC change room, prop the door open to entry and also into toilet area (stays propped open for the duration of the session)
  • Pitch entry gates – open the mid-pitch gate and car park end gates to enable player entry onto the ground
  • Sanitation tables setup – carry 2 x table and hand sanitiser down to entry/exit gate and set up one table for entry and one for exit

Once ready for players and coaches to enter the ground:

  • Facility gates – unlock both pedestrian and vehicular gate at the facility entry point
  • Bollards – move the bollards into place, including placing the bollards with the QR codes attached 5m towards the car park to reduce bottlenecks

Managing session entry (Gate supervisor)

Whilst maintaining a 1.5m separation from players, coaches and other volunteers as they approach the entry:

  • Position yourself at the gate
  • Stop – ensure players for the next session do not enter the facility until all players from the prior session have exited the facility gates
  • As participants to approach the check-in bollard and use their phone’s camera to scan the QR code, guide them to move on and to the side to enable other participants to scan the QR code
  • Check sign in – ensure each person entering has signed in
  • Check hand sanitise – ensure all people entering the facility sanitise their hands
  • Remind – those entering the facility to stay 1.5m apart
  • Support split of players into training groups – utilise the training group A & B lists provided by the session coach to guide players unsure of their group allocation
  • Request – parents remain in their car for the duration of the session

During training (Ground supervisor)

  • Remain 1.5 apart – from players, coaches and other volunteers at all times
  • Check entry/exit tables – ensure supplies of hand sanitiser and paper towel at entry/exit, restock as required
  • Check toilet
    • supplies of soap and santiser wipes in the toilet area, restock as required
    • ensure no more than one person enters the toilet at a time
  • Facility usage
    • use of club rooms is not allowed – unless booked via Unit President
    • use of change rooms is allowed – but not showers
  • Club rooms – check no more than 20 people in the club rooms and remain 1.5m apart (when permission to open provided)
  • Change Rooms – check no more than 5 in total are in the room and must remain 1.5m apart
  • Monitor – any parents or players who are not on the pitch but are within the WHC facility fence line to ensure they are 1.5m apart and are following all guidelines

Player / coaches joining both a junior and a senior training session

Ensure junior players between sessions move up to the change rooms to:

  1. Change clothes
  2. Thoroughly sanitise hands
  3. Disinfect their hockey stick, glove and face masked (if used) for field players and all kickers, gloves and other equipment that has come into contact with balls and players for goal keepers

Participants not following guidelines

  • Explain – should any player, parent, coach or other volunteers not follow the WHC Return to Hockey policy guidelines you should approach them and explain what they are required to do differently
  • Evict & document – Should any player, parent, coach or other volunteer be unwilling to adjust their behaviour to follow the guidelines you should ask them to leave the facility immediately and note down their name to be provided to the Executive Committee

Concluding training

Time is of the essence, all players and coaches must fully exit the ground before the next session can commence entry.

  1. Pitch Exit – oversee players and coaches maintaining 1.5m distance exit facility
  2. Sanitise hands – ensure everyone sanitises their hands at the exit point
  3. Remind all to go directly to their car – leave the clubs grounds, do not hang around or socialise
  4. Re-sign in if you need to – If you are supervising for longer than 1 session you must re-sign-in for your second session as you will automatically be signed out after 1 hour.

Closing Duties

If you are in the group closing up the facility you will need to plan for at least 15 minutes additional time at the club post the session completion.

  • Sanitation table pack up – carry 2 x table and hand sanitiser up to WHC changeroom for safe storage
  • Change Room – lock the WHC change room
  • Turnoff all lights – ground, change rooms, club rooms
  • Alarm – if club rooms have been open then reset alarm and lock doors
  • Bollards – move bollards inside the fence line
  • Check – all players and volunteers have exited the facility
  • Facility gates – lock both pedestrian and vehicular gate at the facility exit point