Waverley Juniors Return to Hockey – COVID-19

Junior Players, Coaches and Parents / Guardians are refer the below information as Waverley Juniors return to Hockey for the 2020 season under Covid-19 restrictions. Information includes updates, policies, procedures and the return to training schedule.

Club Covid-19 News

Return to Hockey

Covid-19 Policy

Player Guidelines

Coach Guidelines

Session Supervisor Guidelines

How to Sign In

Ground Set Up

Return to Training

Junior training will commence based on the following with details of sessions in the table below:

  • U12-16 age groups – week starting 1st June 2020
  • U10 groups – week starting 15 June 2020
  • Hookin2Hockey / Stick2Hockey – will commence in line with formal season start (anticipated term 3)

Strict procedures and protocols will be applied at all sessions. Players, coaches and parents / guardians must become familiar with the above policy, guidelines and sign in procedure prior to returning to train.

Participants not following guidelines – where participants do not meet requirements the ground supervisor will:

  • Explain– should any player, parent/guardian, coach or other volunteers not follow the WHC Return to Hockey policy guidelines approach them and explain what they are required to do differently
  • Evict & document– Should any player, parent, coach or other volunteer be unwilling to adjust their behaviour to follow the guidelines ask them to leave the facility immediately and note down their name to be provided to the Executive Committee

For players yet to register for the season please do so here prior to return to training.

Training schedule

5.30pm – 6.25pm 6.30pm – 7.25pm
Monday Session time: 5.30pm – 7pm
Group A: additional training slot for juniors
Group B: some weeks senior Women’s program
Tuesday Group A – U16 Pennant
Group B – U16 District
Group A – U16 Shield Boys
Group B – U16 Shield Girls
Wednesday Group A – U14 Pennant
Group B – U14 District
Group A – U14 Shield Boys
Group B – U14 Shield Girls
Thursday Group A – U10
Group B – U12 Half field
Group A – U12 Shield Boys
Group B – U12 Shield Girls
Friday Games Games