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The Bert Batch Cup is an annual cup match between Waverley and Camberwell in memory of Bert Batch and his contribution to the Waverley Hockey Club and Victorian hockey.

The Bert Batch Cup began in 1996 to commemorate Bert, a founding member of the club who coached and produced numerous elite juniors at Waverley and from other clubs in Victoria. In the late 1970’s Bert took Waverley Men from a struggling A reserve team to an A grade/State League 1 Club. Bert’s three sons played for the club, including Colin, Australian representative and Vice Captain who played 175 games for Australia between 1979-1990.

The longstanding rivalry between Waverley and Camberwell began in the 1980’s, where the two clubs dominated the era winning 5 premierships each between 1981 and 1992. Since then, Waverley and Camberwell have been the leading clubs in Victorian hockey and the Bert Batch Cup signifies this rivalry and respect of excellence.

Victorian State League 1 Premiers:
1981 Waverley
1982 Yarra Valley
1983 Waverley
1984 Camberwell
1985 Waverley
1986 Camberwell
1987 TEM
1988 Camberwell
1989 Waverley
1990 Camberwell
1991 Waverley
1992 Camberwell

Camberwell or Waverley played in every final except 1 in this 12 year period.

Bert Batch Cup:
1996 Camberwell
1997 Camberwell
1998 Camberwell
1999 Waverley
2000 Waverley
2001 Camberwell
2002 Waverley
2003 Waverley
2004 Waverley
2005 Waverley
2006 Waverley
2007 Camberwell
2008 Camberwell (Match drawn)
2009 Waverley
2010 Camberwell
2011 Camberwell (Match drawn)
2012 Camberwell
2013 Waverley