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Ensure that the health, safety and wellbeing of all children around the Club. Maintain the reputation of Waverley Hockey Club as a safe and legally compliant organisation.

‘Working with Children’s Check’ Has been deemed by the Commission for Children and Young People to be able
‘working’ Includes volunteers and paid positions. Relates to everyone that has direct and unsupervised contact with Children as part of their duties.
Service suppliers Any person, regardless of their age, who provides some form of service persons under 18 years of age that;

  1. Has direct contact with children; AND
  2. The direct contact is part of their duties; AND
  3. Is not directly supervised by someone with a valid WWCC; AND
  4. Is not exempted from holding a WCC under Victorian Law

This can include, volunteers, paid workers, contractors, and visitors. For the sake of clarity, and without limiting the definition of service suppliers, above, the following positions require a valid WWCC;

  1. Assistant coach or head coach of a team
  2. Coaching mentor or coaching director
  3. Team manager
Working With Children Warden The person appointed by the Junior Executive Committee to be responsible for ensuring that all service supplies that are working with persons under 18 are compliant with this policy.
Negative Notice The notice that the Department of Justice & Regulation sends to an applicant for a WWCC where they are deemed to pose a risk to the safety of children. When an applicant receives a Negative Notice they have failed the WWCC application and are prohibited from child-related work. This prohibition exists even if they are supervised.



This policy concerns all service suppliers, who are working with persons under 18 in a role related to the Waverley Hockey Club.

  1. No service supplier is permitted to work with persons under the age of 18 without a valid Victorian Working With Children Check.
  2. All service suppliers must provide the Working With Children Warden with photographic copy of the front and back of their valid Victorian Working With Children Check card.
    1. A service supplier must comply with clause 4(b) within 14 business days of being notified by the Working With Children Warden of the requirement of clause 4(b).
    2. For the purposes of clause 4(b), and subject to Clause 6, a photographic copy of the receipt of a Victorian WWCC application is sufficient to commence child-related work during the application period.
      • Once the service supplier’s working with children check has been approved, then the service supplier must provide photographic copy of the card as per clause 4(b).
  1. Service suppliers that are paid must have an Employee Check as part of their WWCC rather than a Volunteer Check.
  2. A volunteer service supplier is permitted to have a valid Employee Check as part of their WWCC.
  1. A service provider is permitted by law to work with children under the age of 18 during the WWCC application process, provided that they have not:
    1. Been charged with, found guilty, or convicted of a serious sexual, violent or drug offence listed in Clause 2 of Schedule 3 of the Working with Children Act 2005 (Vic) (the Act): OR
    2. Previously been given a Negative Notice, including an Interim Negative Notice.
    3. Applied for the check to supervise a child under the age of 15 in employment under the Child Employment Act 2003 (Vic)
    4. have applied for the Check to work in a children’s service under the Children’s Services Regulations 1996 (Vic) or in an education and care service under the Education and Care Services National Law (Victoria); OR
    5. are subject to orders or reporting obligations under the:
  2. A service supplier must notify the WWCC Warden as soon as possible if any clause 6 factors become applicable to them.
  1. It is the responsibility of the WWCC Warden to notify the service supplier that their Working With Children Check is 30 days away from expiry.
  2. Upon notification of the 30 day expiry of their WWCC, the Service Supplier has 14 business days to provide the WWCC Warden with a photocopy of the receipt of their WWCC renewal application.
  1. The WWCC Warden must hold the information regarding service supplier’s WWCC’s in confidence
  2. The information regarding service suppliers WWCC must only be provided to parties other than the service supplier and the WWCC Warden where required by law. Eg. Subpoena or warrants in law enforcement investigations, audits etc.
  3. Clause 7(a) does not apply where the service supplier has explicitly waived to the WWCC Warden the right of confidence.
  1. As required by the Working with Children Act 2005, a service supplier must inform the WWCC Warden AND the Department of Justice and Regulation within seven (7) days of a relevant change in the following circumstances;
    1. A professional disciplinary decision made against the service supplier; OR
    2. A charge, conviction or finding of guilt of a category A or category B offence listed in Schedule 1 or 2 of the Working with Children Act 2005 (Vic); OR
    3. The service supplier being subject to reporting obligations or an order under the Sex Offenders Registration Act 2004 (Vic), Serious Sex Offenders Monitoring Act 2005, (Vic) or the Serious Sex Offenders (Detention and Supervision) Act 2009 (Vic).
  1. A service supplier MUST notify the WWCC Warden AND the Department of Justice & Regulation within 21 days of any changes to the service supplier’s name, address, or phone number/s.

The WWCC Warden must ensure that Waverley Hockey Club does;

  1. not engage in child-related work anyone who does not have a valid Check, unless they are exempt under the Act
  2. not engage in child-related work any person who is subject to obligations or orders under Schedule 3 of the Act
  3. not allow people who are charged with, convicted or found guilty of serious sexual, violent or drug offences specified in clause 2 of Schedule 3 of the Act to work with or care for children while their application is processed or their Check reassessed
  4. check if a person is allowed to work with children on Check status
  5. check that any self-employed person, such as a coach or tutor, has a valid Check and is not prohibited from working with children. Go to Check status
  6. ensure supervisors of other workers’ contact with children have a Check, unless the supervisor is exempt under the Act
  7. ensure that a person who has a Negative Notice does not work with or care for children, even if they are exempt or you can arrange supervision of their contact with children
  8. ensure paid workers doing child-related work have an Employee Check, not a Volunteer Check
  9. respect and protect workers’ privacy.
  10. keep a record of the application receipt or card number of all workers doing child-related work in your organisation
  11. carefully look at workers’ cards and record the number, expiry date and card type (‘E’ for paid employees or ‘V’ for volunteers)
  12. retain and secure all correspondence the department sends you about your workers
  13. ensure workers notify the department within 21 days of commencing child-related work with your organisation and whenever their personal and contact details change.
  1. State Suppliers must have a valid WWCC from Victoria. Another state or territory’s WWCC, or equivalent check, will not be accepted by the WWCC Warden under any circumstances.