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Mens Premier League Hockey In Victoria

Mens Premier League is the highest club grade for elite male field hockey players in Victoria. It is a crucial component of the broader field hockey landscape, providing a structured and highly competitive environment for teams and individuals to showcase their prowess in the sport.

Premier League Field Hockey Structure and Teams

The league is comprised of 12 top-tier teams, each boasting a roster of highly skilled and talented players. These teams represent different clubs in Victoria, creating a diverse and dynamic competition. The season includes 14 games followed by the top 8 teams fighting for the Grand Final championship.

Development for the Elite Level

Participating in the Mens Premier League/Premier League Reserves has a profound impact on the development of field hockey in Victoria. The league serves as a breeding ground for emerging talent, providing players with the opportunity to compete at the highest levels (including in both state and national teams) and learn from seasoned professionals.

Waverleys Premier League Men’s Team

The Premier League men have been a dominant force since the turn of the millennium. Their performance has been nothing short of exceptional, participating in many Grand Finals and clinching victory in five of them. This extraordinary accomplishment stands as an unmatchable record within the highly competitive hockey landscape, showcasing the relentless dedication and skill of the Waverley Men’s unit.

Our Men’s hockey unit has produced many state and national representatives, competing in both state and international hockey tournaments. Find out more about our representative players here.

Play Premier League At Waverley Hockey Club

Join Waverley Hockey Club’s Mens Premier League/Premier Leagues Reserves team and become a part of our rich legacy in the top tier of field hockey in Victoria. If you’re a local or international seasoned player looking for a competitive environment, check out our club.

Why Choose Waverley Hockey Club?

  • Legacy of Excellence: With numerous premierships and a history dating back to 1958, our Men’s Unit has consistently performed at the highest level, producing state and national representatives.
  • Top-Tier Facilities: Enjoy state-of-the-art facilities that complement your training and match experience. We provide the resources you need to hone your skills and excel on the field.
  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from expert coaching by seasoned professionals who are dedicated to nurturing talent and maximising individual and team potential.
  • Community Spirit: Join a supportive and vibrant community of players who share your passion for field hockey. Forge lasting friendships and connections that extend beyond the field.

Take the next step in your field hockey journey with Waverley Hockey Club. To express your interest or get more information about joining our Men’s Premier League Team, contact us.