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Mens 45C
Mens 45D


The Waverley Masters unit has been highly successful and competitive for a decade with players having represented both Victoria and Australia at this level.

In 2019, three of the four Masters teams made the finals and won two Premierships. The Panthers have been a powerhouse in the over 35s division winning six of the last seven  premierships. A team comprised a collection of former State League players. In the over 45’s we have also enjoyed recent success wining the 45C premiership in 2019.

Waverley encourages continued participation for club members from juniors through to Masters. Masters brings together both current and former senior players, whilst very much welcoming new players such as junior parents, friends and family members of our local community.

Waverley enters Masters teams in winter and summer competitions.

Your contacts for the Masters Unit are Masters President Alan Ballard and Masters Secretary Dwayne Rabel.