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National Representation Recognition

  • All players selected in to a National team for a tournament officially recognised by Hockey Australia (U21 and / or open age group, outdoor and / or indoor) will be recognised on the Waverley Hockey Club honour board and on social media as appropriate (website, facebook posts etc)


Volunteer Recognition

  • The Club President will be recognised on the Waverley Hockey Club honour board

Each year the Club will recognise significant contributions to the Club through the awards listed below:

Life Membership

Categories of Life Membership:

  • As outlined in the Constitution there are two categories
    • National Representation (Automatic) Life Membership
    • Volunteer (Elected) Life Membership



  • National Representation (Automatic) Life Membership Criteria:
    • Minimum 5 years as a playing member of WHC and,
    • Minimum 10 International games as a member of the Senior (open age) Men’s or Women’s outdoor team
  • Volunteer (Elected) Life Membership Criteria
    • Minimum 10 years involvement as a supporter / player and,
    • Minimum of 10 years volunteering involvement and,
    • Minimum 200 points in the Life Member assessment. This assessment forms part of this policy and,
    • Be of a person of good cititzenship.
    • Note: this is the minimum criteria and does not guarantee the individual will be made a Life Member, this criteria will be used by the Nominations Committee to consider all nominations and make a recommendation to the Executive to ratify and then propose to members at a General Annual Meeting or Special General Meeting.


Number of:

  • No upper limit will be placed on total number of life members however it should be noted that achieving life membership (volunteer category) is a significant honour and should be reserved for a small number of members over time
  • Up to two life members may be elected in any one year
  • If it can be shown that members met the criteria during a year in which no life membership was previously awarded and should be considered for life membership in retrospect this may be proposed to the members for consideration at the next Annual General Meeting (or Special General Meeting) of the Club.



  • A Nominations Committee will assess all nominations for Volunteer (Elected) Life Membership
  • This Committee will also confirm any National Representation (Automatic) Life Members have met the minimum criteria.
  • Membership: minimum 3 members, drawn from Executive and Historical committees, where possible up to 2 additional members will be added, drawn from existing Life Members
  • Chair: Chaired by either Club President or Historical sub committee Chair
  • Meet: minimum once per year in lead up to the AGM and with adequate lead time for all nominations to be considered and any Life Member recommendations to be submitted to the Executive and the AGM for consideration
  • Method of receiving nominations: Form to be available to all members (eg on website) with deadline for submission for that year’s consideration
  • Conflict: where a member of the Nominations Committee has been nominated for life membership or a member of their direct family has been nominated they may not take part in that discussion (leave room etc) and if total number of Nominations committee members drops below 3 as a result an substitute member must join (drawn from Executive or Historical committee)
  • Recommendation: the Nominations Committee will provide the completed assessment document along with any other supporting documents to the Executive along with its recommendation/s at least 1 calendar month prior to the AGM




Recognition / Life Members receive:

  • Honour board: Name to be included on Life Members honour board in club house
  • Citation: Citation to be written up and included in annual report. A framed copy will also be provided to the Life member signed and dated by the Club President
  • Trophy / Plaque: Trophy or Plaque acknowledging the achievement to be provided to the life member
  • Fees: Annual fees waivered
  • Annual Event: Invited to an annual event eg Life members lunch
  • Presentation day/night: Entitled to attend Presentation night free of charge


  • Life membership may be revoked (either category – Volunteer or National Representation) if that individual brings their name, or the Club’s name, into disrepute