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This policy has been written to demonstrate the commitment of the WHC Executive Committee (The Club) and its various sections (Juniors, Women’s, Men’s and Master’s) in the provision of a safe and supportive playing and non-playing, club environment for all players and members.


The use of social media is a valuable and appropriate means of communication within a large sporting organisation such as WHC. However, for the protection of all players and members, everyone needs to be aware that The Club has a zero tolerance to social media posts of an inappropriate nature that targets individual or groups of players in an abusive, discriminatory or bullying manner.


This policy applies to all individuals involved in our organisation including but not limited to:

  • Club or Section administrators
  • Junior and Senior team coaches and supporting personnel and officials
  • Junior, Senior or Masters players
  • Parents of players
  • Spectators and supporters

Everyone above has a role in promoting the responsible use of social media respecting the rights of and protection of all players/members. This includes acting on notifications to WHC officials by club members of the inappropriate use of social media by other club members or representatives.

Inappropriate use of social media can take many forms and this policy will apply when there is evidence of or potential negative impact of inappropriate social media postings about other club members. WHC members are reminded that the web is not anonymous and should assume that things they write can be traced back to them.

Further, they are reminded:


  • To demonstrate courtesy and respect for others as you expect to be treated.
  • To protect personal privacy by NOT including personal information about themselves or others in their posts.
  • To NOT be abusive, threatening or harassing towards anyone.
  • To NOT make defamatory or libellous comments.
  • To NOT use obscene, insulting, offensive or hateful language.

WHC values providing a safe, supportive environment where members can enjoy and grow with their hockey experiences. We value the diversity of our membership and hence will not tolerate social media postings of a bullying, abusive or discriminatory nature.


This policy should be read in conjunction with the Waverley Hockey Club Child Safety policy, in particular Members should take note of the following expectations relating to players under the age of 18 years:

Phonecalls, email, text & social media including private social media groups.

Coaches and Team Managers must not communicate directly with players without inclusion of the relevant parent/ guardian, this include phoinecalls, text messages, emails, social media (public and private groups). This includes messages that may be deemed positive and harmless (eg wishing a player happy birthday or congratulations for making a rep team).
Email: All communication with junior players must be directed to the parent / guardian, unless explicit consent is sought from the parents for a junior player’s email address to be added to email distribution lists and the parent / guardian email address must also be included in all communication.
Text messages: All communication with junior players must be directed to the parent / guardian unless explicit consent is sought from the parents for a junior player’s mobile number to be added to mobile text distribution lists and the parent / guardian mobile number must also be included in all communication.
Social media groups: Parents / guardians must be included in any private social media groups (for example Facebook messenger, Facebook private groups, WhatsApp groups and any other such group). If players wish to have a group amongst themselves (with no adults including coaches / team managers) this group must abide by the Club’s social media, code of conduct and all other policies.
Phonecalls: Adults must not contact players directly by phone unless a parent or guardian is also present for the phonecall.


All playing members must adhere to Hockey Victoria’s (HV) policies including code of conduct and social media policies which provide further guidance on appropriate social media behaviours.

These policies can be found on the HV website here:


WHC has appointed a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) with specific responsibility to respond to concerns made by officials volunteers, players or parents of players. The MPIO contact details can be found on the Club’s website.

Players or parents of junior players can also report instances of inappropriate social media posts by members to Heads of Sections or other relevant committee members.

The Club will make all players and members aware of their responsibility to using social media in a responsible manner. Matters reported to the MPIO or other club officials will be investigated with the intention of finding resolution to the matter for the protection of all members.


If issues are brought to the attention of The Club, then resolution to the issue may involve speaking to players (and in the case of junior players their parents) about the impact of inappropriate social media posts to protect the safe playing and club environment for all WHC members. Depending on the severity of the issue possible actions may include suspension from playing or asking the member of the club to leave.