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Indoor Hockey in Victoria

Indoor hockey is a variation of field hockey that is played indoors on a smaller, enclosed pitch. The game is typically faster-paced than outdoor field hockey, and it has specific rules tailored to the indoor environment. Indoor hockey is played with a smaller number of players on each team, usually five players, including the goalkeeper. The smaller team size allows for more close-quarter action and quicker transitions.

The playing surface in indoor hockey is usually made of wood or synthetic material, and the boards surrounding the pitch are used to keep the ball in play. The rules may vary slightly from outdoor field hockey to accommodate the indoor setting, with adjustments made for the walls and the confined space.

How It Differs From Field Hockey

Indoor hockey differs from field hockey in several key aspects:

  1. Field Size: Indoor hockey is played on a smaller, enclosed pitch compared to the larger outdoor field used in traditional field hockey. The reduced playing area in indoor hockey leads to a faster-paced and more intense game.
  2. Team Size: Indoor hockey teams typically have fewer players than field hockey teams. In indoor hockey, a team usually consists of five players, including the goalkeeper, whereas field hockey teams have more players on the field at a time.
  3. Boards/Walls: Indoor hockey pitches are surrounded by boards or walls that keep the ball in play. Players can use these walls strategically, leading to unique playing dynamics. In field hockey, the ball can go out of bounds, and the game is restarted with a sideline hit or a corner.
  4. Duration of Play: Indoor hockey matches often have shorter playing periods compared to field hockey. The smaller pitch and faster gameplay contribute to quicker transitions and a more dynamic experience.
  5. Rules Adaptations: Some rules in indoor hockey are adjusted to suit the indoor setting. For example, the height at which the ball can be lifted may be limited to ensure safety within the confined space.
  6. Equipment: The sticks used in indoor hockey are often shorter than those used in field hockey, allowing players better control in the smaller playing area. Additionally, the ball used in indoor hockey is usually softer to reduce the risk of injury.

Play Indoor Hockey At Waverley HC

Are you ready to elevate your indoor hockey game to new heights? Look no further than Waverley Hockey Club, a powerhouse in indoor hockey in Victoria! Our club has a rich history of producing state and national representatives in both junior and senior units, and we are proud to be recognised as one of the strongest indoor hockey clubs in the region. Get in touch with us today to find out more.