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Volunteer Policy

Waverley Hockey Club (the club) relies heavily on unpaid volunteers, and in a limited number of cases paid contractors, who act as coaches, managers, umpires and officials, committee
members, helping in the canteen or on a barbeque. These activities keep our Club alive and are in turn rewarding for volunteers and contractors.

Roles and Responsibilities – In cases where the activities are substantial, or where there is remuneration under a contract, the Club will seek to document the roles and responsibilities of
the individual and contract remuneration in a written agreement. In some cases the role will be documented in a generic document, e.g. setting out responsibilities of a manager for a junior
team, but if the role is more complex, such as coach of a Premier League team the responsibilities will be set out in an agreement specific to that role. Any individual agreements are to be  authorised by the Club Executive. In simpler volunteering roles, the Club will seek to ensure that the responsibilities are clearly articulated.

Appointment – either the Club Executive, or appropriate Section Committee will approve appointment of volunteers having regard to the skills, experience and attributes required to
undertake these roles. Paid contractual agreements must be approved by the Club Executive at the recommendation of the appropriate Section Committee.

Induction – the Club commits to provide appropriate induction, information, direction and supervision to allow volunteers and contractors to be both successful and fulfilled in their roles.

Respect – The Club expects that all volunteers and contractors will be treated with respect in accordance with the Club’s Code of Behaviour, and in turn, all volunteers and contractors are
expected to act in accordance with the Club’s Code of Behaviour.

Safety and Child Safety – The Club commits to offer volunteers and contractors a safe volunteering environment and turn expects volunteers and contractors to take a responsible approach to safety. Volunteers and contractors who may engage with juniors are required to comply with the Club’s Member Protection, Code of Conduct and Child Safe Policy (including for the avoidance of doubt providing current Working With Children Checks).


Reimbursement of expenses – The Club will reimburse expenses reasonably incurred by volunteers and contractors, noting that such expenses (unless by prior written agreement) will
exclude travel costs, such as travelling to and from matches.

Umpires – As part of the annual fee structure (volunteer levy), some sections of the Club  require members to umpire certain games on a volunteer basis. Where a Club member umpires
a game which is not part of a specific volunteering agreement, the club will pay an umpiring fee.


Volunteer coaches of junior & senior teams – The Section Committees may decide to offer to reimburse some portion of annual fees for players who volunteer to coach teams and show a
season long commitment to this role. Should this occur, the coach will be required to pay their fees upfront inline with the Fee Policy as well as complete a Coaching contract and ATO form.


Volunteer levy – All senior players (except juniors playing seniors) will be charged the volunteer levy in addition to membership fees upon registration. Opting to volunteer and get
your money back contributes hugely to manage and maintain the club whilst developing a culture of participation and teamwork!

Tasks include:

  • Canteen and/or BBQ work (a minimum of 4 hours)
  • Coaching (head or Assistant, both senior and junior units)
  • Team Manager (Senior teams)
  • Junior Academy (minimum of 5 weeks)
  • Hookin2Hockey (minimum of 5 weeks of either coaching or umpiring small games)
  • Men’s, Women’s, Junior Unit roles or other committee roles (e.g. Communications coordinator, social event coordinator and umpire coordinator etc.)
  •  Taking on a role to support the club overall eg co-ordinating additional sponsors for the club
  •  And any other activity which the Club Executive agree is taking on an active role around the club