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About our Women’s Unit

In 1969, two school levers from Mount Waverley High School decided to form a Women’s Hockey team. It consisted of mostly schoolgirls and they were entered in the lowest grade of competition. In their first season, they finished fourth on the ladder. For their first year in a competitive competition, this result was very good.  Due to high demand around the women’s unit, a second team was entered in 1970 and a third in 1972. Players from local and far suburbs decided to join the Waverley Women’s Unit.

In 1972 the club saw their first ever premiership. The success around the club saw more and more players joining and a fourth team was added in 1974. It didn’t stop there. In 1976 another 2 teams were added, taking the unit to be represented by 6 different teams, with all different skill levels.

Our Premier League Women’s Team

In 1985, Waverley Hockey Club saw the Women’s Unit reach the top grade in State League 1/Premier League for the first time. Since then the Waverley Women’s Unit has held its position in this competitive division, seeing premierships in the years of 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007 and 2010. Our Women’s hockey unit has produced many state and national representatives, competing in both state and international hockey tournaments.

Our Pennant and Metro Hockey Teams

The impact of the Waverley Pennant and Metro teams on the broader success of the Waverley Hockey Club is further underscored by their remarkable performance. Notably, in 2023, two out of the three teams secured positions at the top of their respective competitions. This stellar achievement not only highlights the skilful prowess of the hockey players but also reinforces the effectiveness of the club’s commitment to talent development and inclusivity. It signifies that the Waverley Hockey Clubs’ Pennant and Metro teams are not only gateways for new enthusiasts and young talent but also formidable contenders on the competitive stage. Their consistent presence at the top of their competitions is a testament to the club’s holistic approach, where the cultivation of skill, passion, and a sense of community converge to create a winning formula on and off the field.

Our Women’s Unit Today

Fast forward to the present day, and the Waverley Hockey Club stands as a testament to enduring passion and dedication. Celebrating its 51st year, the hockey club stands tall, represented by five diverse divisions, each a testament to the inclusive spirit that has defined its journey. As they continue to welcome players of all skill levels, the Waverley Hockey Club embodies the essence of Australian sportsmanship and tenacity, a living legacy etched into the pages of time.

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Whether you are looking for a Women’s hockey league for beginners, or transferring to play in one of our top-grade teams, we have a place for you. Contact us today to get started on your women’s hockey registration.

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