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Waverley Hockey Club Team Uniform

Waverley is pleased to present the new team uniform for the 2024 season (and onwards). This uniform is available to purchase online, with designated order periods, to find out when the next order will be made, contact or check our Facebook page for updates.

The New Uniform

The new uniform features a racer-back style (or a standard back style) for the Women and printed playing numbers on the back (as opposed to the former ironed-on playing numbers) for the PL/PLR/Shield players. The alternate socks have changed from a light blue to white, to match the white away shirt.

Can I Still Wear My Old Unifrom?

Of course! The new uniform is still being implemented throughout the club, with only PL/PLR/Shield players required to wear it. If you prefer the style of the old uniform, it is still available to purchase at Waverley.

Purchasing The New Uniform

The new uniform is available through the Grays site, linked below. Please ensure the correct uniform option is chosen, including age range and gender (JNR – Junior, WMNS – Womens, MENS – Mens), and if you are required to have a number, choose the (PL/PLR) option. Please contact the club if you require a number and have not been allocated one.

Home Uniform

The Waverley home uniform consists of a navy playing shirt and navy socks.Image of the female (left) and male (right) navy blue home uniform for Waverley Hockey Club

Away Uniform

The Waverley alternate uniform consists of a white playing shirt and white socks.

Womens (left) and mens (right) white alternative playing tops for Waverley Hockey Club

Uniform Clashes

The Waverley alternate uniform is required to be worn when we are the away team playing the below clashes


Waverley club navy playing shirt with sleeves, shorts, socks. However girls may choose to wear sleeveless playing shirt and skort if this is available in their size.

Player Numbers

Player numbers are required for the following teams:

Premier League (PL)
Premier League Reserve (PLR)
Shield (U14 and U16 Shield level players (Mixed & Girls teams))

If you require a number please contact:

Women’s Unit

Email: – for Women’s PL and PLR teams

Men’s Unit

Email: – for Men’s PL and PLR teams


For Junior Shield (U14/U16) players please contact your Team Manager


Waverley Hockey Club rugby tops, hoodies, spray jackets, tracksuits and other items are available to purchase at Waverley Hockey Club.

If you have any uniform queries, please contact the Uniform Coordinator via email at

Club Merchandise

These items are all available from the Canteen / Bar at the Club:
Umbrella $50.00
Scarf $25.00

Beanie $25.00