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Club Sponsors

The club would like to acknowledge the valuable support we receive from our sponsors, their support is paramount in our success both on and off the pitch.  Please support them where you can and let them know you’re from Waverley and thank them for their support.

Bendigo Bank - Ashburton

Bendigo Bank believes that the role of a bank is to feed into prosperity, not off it. Bendigo Bank has long considered sponsorship to be an important part of our continued support of Australian communities. For more information visit the Website.

Kookaburra Sport

Kookaburra Sport is synonymous with International hockey, with its Dimple Elite Hockey Ball being used in all Olympic games since 1984. Australian owned, the iconic Kookaburra bird adorns the hockey sticks and apparel of many top hockey players from around the world.

Just Hockey

We thank Just Hockey for all their support, if you require any hockey gear related, pop in to our friends at Just Hockey and they will look after you, We also wish to add that if you require any Waverley hockey playing gear, you will find what you need at the Bourke Rd just hockey shop, they are now managing all out playing gear. Please ensure you try to reward our sponsors by purchasing with them.

The Cheese Cake Shop - Mt. Waverley

The Cheesecake Shop started with just one store in the inner-west Sydney suburb of Rozelle in 1991 and has now grown to be an international success with over 225 cake bakeries and over 2000 employees across Australia and New Zealand.

Nearly all of our shops are independently owned and operated by skilled franchisees, most of which have been with us for many years.

Ray White Real Estate

Ray White is a household name in Australasia, a fourth-generation family business that seeks to be proud of every transaction and every relationship.