The following members have been awarded life membership for their contribution to the club:

Les Large (dec.) Helen Moore Ed Hoye Travis Brooks
Bob Trewin (dec.) Colin Batch Dianne Robbie Luke Doerner
Kingsley Hull (dec.) Nigel Patmore Alan Curnow (dec.) Stephen Mowlam
Colin Duggleby Bert Batch (dec.) Fleur Paton Renee Trost
Hedley Hull (dec.) Peter Badger (dec.) Neil Brooks (dec.) Stacia Joseph
Alan Ballard Drew Ashton Bruce Morely Brian Maddock

Congratulations to all those who have achieved life membership to the Waverley Hockey Club. Without the generous effort from these people the club would not be as successful or prominent as it is today.

We thank them and hope we can carry on their legacy and hard work to continue a strong club tradition.