2019 Registrations

Registration for Hookin2Hockey is managed through Hockey Australia via this link https://membership.sportstg.com/regoform.cgi?formID=61750&programID=44159. Please ensure the program selected is with the Waverley Hockey Club.

For more information on Hookin2Hockey – Waverley Hookin2Hockey Page

2019 Registration – all other teams / competitions

All registration is via the Hockey Australia online system, no paper registration will be accepted. You will need to setup an account for each player. Each player must be registered independently.

If you are registering 3 or more junior players you are eligible for the Waverley 3 player discount (off the lowest fees), please email juniorrego@waverleyhc.org.au and advise you meet the criteria.

All players must register and pay Hockey Victoria membership prior to taking the field (including training) as this provides insurance coverage for each player. The club will separately invoice club fees with payment terms.

To register click on the following link: http://membership.hockeyvictoria.org.au/Membership. Select the appropriate age group to begin the process.

How to register:

  1. Click in this link: http://membership.hockeyvictoria.org.au/Membership and then select “W” and then WaverleyHC from the list of clubs.
  2. Even if you were registered last year (or for hockey over summer) you need to click “forgot my password”. This is because it is a new system.
  3. It will send you an email to reset your password.
  4. Once logged in it will ask you to indicate if you are registering for yourself or another player, then if it is a player who has been in HV system prior it will bring up most of their details pre-filled in.
  5. You then need to select member type (= player).
  6. Then it will give you a screen with membership options applicable to the player’s age group.
    1. Hockey Australia player levy (mostly insurance) and Hockey Victorian membership will both be pre-ticked and are compulsory.
    2. You then select the relevant Waverley membership category from the list of WHC 2019 Junior Fee options. It will have the fees that Waverley will send you an invoice for in brackets and then off to the right it will have $0. This is so the Hockey Victoria system does not charge you Waverley fees.
  7. You can also opt to donate to the lights and ground fund; new lights are being installed in 2019 and ground replacement will be required in coming 2 years, plus we are working towards a second ground, all of which we will need to raise the funds for, unfortunately we do not get adequate funding from council or government for these. All donations are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.
  8. Then click on proceed to payment and put in your credit card details.
  9. Waverley will then send you an invoice within the next few weeks which will include back details for payment and a due date.

Refer also Hockey Victoria how to register help guide: