Men and Women Senior Units 

Selection policy and procedure

Purpose and overview

This document is intended to act as a framework and structure for Waverley Hockey Club (WHC) to make consistent and transparent selection decisions across all men and women’s grades and to ensure the goals and objectives of the men and women’s unit are achieved. 

WHC aims to select the most appropriate team for each grade based on a number of criteria, each of which may be given different weighting depending on the team’s circumstances. In doing so, this document recognizes that senior teams range from the social to the elite level, and that players join WHC for significantly varying reasons. 

Given the nature of hockey, some criteria might have a subjective element and a few criteria might overlap with one another in some aspects.


1) Provide the team with the best available players to win each match

The primary criterion for selection will be the performance of the players on game day. Areas of performance considered include:

  • The skill level exhibited by the player
  • The performance of the player as a member of the team
  • The attitude and behavior of the player on and off the field

2) Attendance to training

In order for registered players to be selected in a team they must be in attendance at training. The only exception to this is where a prior agreement with the team’s coach has been discussed. The only grade in which consistent attendance to training will not be used as a selection criterion in the lowest grade of each unit.

3) Player fit into the team dynamics

To be selected for a team, a player should fit within the required team structure.  This might include the capacity of a player to play multiple positions if necessary. Fitness, strength and speed of a player will be also evaluated.

4) Team development and special circumstances

To ensure that the goals of the Senior Units are met, team selection will also take into account special circumstances that a team might face during the season, including preparation for finals or avoiding relegation.

5) Player development

Selectors might recommend selection of a player for a lower or higher grade than the one that the player currently plays, in order to facilitate specific aspects of the player’s development.

6) Player’s contribution to team and/or club culture

This criterion evaluates the player’s leadership attitude inside and outside the field, including communication skills and support to their peers. Completion of club commitments, supporting other teams and programs, volunteering and participation in club events may also be considered in selection.

7) Disciplinary procedures

Suspensions and/or punishments due to a breach of the club and/or competition’s disciplinary policy will be taken into account for team selection.

8) Payment of club fees

Players will be required to pay their outstanding club fee balances in order to be eligible to play representing WHC


Selection procedure

The team will be selected by:

If the team has a nominated coach:

  • The team’s coach together with other club coaches of grades immediately higher or lower than the team, along with the chairperson of selectors only if required.

If that team doesn’t have a nominated coach:

  • The team captain together with other club coaches of grades immediately higher or lower than the team, along with the chairperson of selectors only if required.

Grievance procedures

A player’s initial concern about selection should be communicated to the team’s coach and captain. The captain/coach should be able to address the player’s concern within the framework of this document.

If the player finds the response unsatisfactory, she/he might prefer to raise her/his concern with the chairperson of selectors/unit’s president. The chairperson/unit’s president will discuss the concern with the team’s coach/captain and provide further feedback to the player.