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Hook in 2 Hockey

Hookin2Hockey is designed for boys and girls aged 10 and under, but the skills can be modified to suit players of any age and we often have older participants, particularly in Term 1 each year. Hookin2Hockey gives young boys and girls the opportunity to learn the basic skills of hockey, develop fundamental motor skills and make friends all while beginning their lifelong love of hockey. This program structure has been developed to help participants step through their hockey journey.

We believe that Hookin2Hockey will introduce new players to a game that provides fun, friendship, and a lifelong love of an iconic Olympic sport, in a club/association based environment. The eight-week program will teach participants the basic skills giving them the opportunity to not only fall in love with our game, but providing them with a dream that one day they can represent Australia, whose teams are among the world’s best, at the highest level, the Olympic Games.

For more information refer on the program:

Contact details

Please contact Drew Ashton via the email address with any questions.

Free come ‘n’ try sessions

On Saturday 17th February and Saturday 24th February 2024 8.00am to 9.15am at the Waverley Hedley Hull Field free come ‘n’ try sessions will be held. New and existing Hookin2Hockey participants are all welcome to participate and we encourage you to bring friends and family members that would like to give hockey a go.

2024 Programs

The details for the 2024 program are:

  • We will be running a 5 week Hookin2Hockey program from 17th February 2024 at 8am in Term 1
  • Most children will transition into the under 8s and under 10s Term 2 and Term 3 competitions
  • We will run separate Hookin2Hockey sessions in Term 2 & 3 for brand new players and children too young for the under 8s competition. These will also be at 8am on Saturdays

Costs of the program:

  • Total cost of $90:
    • Hockey Victoria / Hockey Australia fee of $57.81 that includes insurance and covers transition to future 2024 activities, eg, under 8s or under 10s
    • Waverley fee of $32.19
  • Under 8 and under 10 competitions will have a further Waverley fee


Registration for Hookin2Hockey is through the following link:


Participants will have the option to purchase a Participant Pack from Hockey Australia through the registration process.

Our fantastic sponsor, Just Hockey, at 281 Burke Road, Glen Iris, can also provide the starter equipment –

Players must obtain a mouthguard – wearing a mouthguard is vital for your safety when playing hockey. There are a number of options when it comes to selecting a mouth guard, if you require more information it is recommended that you speak to a dentist.