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Bendigo Bank 10 Home loans for $25,000

The Bendigo Bank branches that support Waverley (Ashburton, Surrey Hills, Canterbury & Balwyn) already provide different types of financial assistance including sponsorship for different activities the club undertakes.  They have also committed to a $1,000 contribution to the club for each Club member that takes out particular products (generally a home loan) and have now committed to a further $15,000 if we have 10 Club members / friends taking out products with them!

We ask that Waverley members consider calling the team at Ashburton Bendigo Bank and have a quick discussion about your banking needs to see if the team can match or better your current arrangements.  And don’t forget to mention you are from Waverley!

If you do it between May and July, you can also contribute to the Bendigo Bank Challenge.