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Bendigo Bank Challenge

Bendigo Bank Ashburton

This is a new team-based competition for 2019 that gives each team at Waverley an opportunity to win a fully-funded end of season party!

How does your team score points?

2 Points will be awarded for team members or family/friends who call the Bendigo Bank Ashburton branch and speak to either Kathy Koulouris or James Fernandes in relation to their banking needs, click here for details.  The conversation will generally be quick with the type of information needed along the lines of:

  • Current products you have or new products you are interested in
  • Current interest rate on your home loan
  • Monthly / other charges on your accounts

If you decide to move your banking to Bendigo Bank and open an account with one of the products that is part of the “10 for $25,000” opportunity , your nominated team will receive an additional 8 points (for a total of 10 points).

Kathy and James will have a list of the teams at Waverley and will ask which team you would like your points allocated to.

What is the prize?

The prize money available will be 10% of the total of grants made from the Bendigo Bank under the 10 for $25,000 opportunity.  Each team can win up to $600.  Once the $600 is reached for a team another team can start winning money towards their end of season party.

Therefore, the prizes will be:

When does the competition start and end?

The competition has started!  It will end at 31 July in time to tally the points and award the prize before the end of the season.


We understand you may not wish other people / Club members knowing your private banking arrangements.  Kathy and James will tally the points and will not be disclosing any individual’s name or other information to the Club.