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Bendigo Bank Halftime Heroes

Waverley’s Womens and Mens Premier League teams regularly play home matches at Waverley and we call these our “home days”.  During 2019 home days, every Waverley junior in attendance will have the opportunity to compete for a $50 Bendigo Bank savings account.  The competition will be run between the two matches at approximately 2:20pm – 3:05pm.

We ran the competition at the first home game of the year and the kids were definitely excited by the competition and prize!

How does the competition work?

The competition is open to all Waverley juniors who attend a home day in 2019 and will be run as follows:

  • Waverley juniors will be encouraged to put their name into the draw to be a part of the competition
  • Up to 6 names will be randomly drawn out of the barrel at about 2:00pm to participate in the competition
  • The 6 juniors competing will be asked to assemble on the side line beside the Technical Bench (in front of the clubhouse) as the first Premier League game is finishing at about 2:20pm
  • A target will be placed at the junction of the side line and half line
  • The juniors will each get 2 shots at getting as close to the target as possible, starting with the youngest
  • The juniors distance from the target will depend on their age
  • The winner is the junior who gets a ball closest to the target!

What is the prize?

The Bendigo Bank have kindly offered a prize of a $50 bank account for the junior who is closest to the target at each home day in 2019.

When are the 2019 home days?

On each home day there is a Premier League Match at 2:00 and 3:30.  The home days are on:

1Southern UnitedSat 6 April
4MCCSat 4 May
5Yarra ValleySat 11 May
7HawthornSat 25 May
10TEMSat 22 June
13FootscraySat 20 July
14GreensboroughSat 27 July
17KBH BrumbiesSat 17 Aug
18CamberwellSat 24 Aug