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Getting Involved

Waverley is always looking to improve the sport of hockey through increasing participation of the community. If you feel you could help coach hockey for the club we want to hear from you!

Whether your sights are set on coaching State League 1 or Under 9’s we are always looking for coaches to help develop the stars of the future. Waverley Hockey Club is willing to reimburse you for participating in coaching clinics and progression courses to help you develop as you help the club (find below a list of coaching utensils)

There is also a compensation plan in place as a further incentive to join the coaching team which can be negotiated with the club Treasurer, Graham Eddy.

If you have any queries about coaching for Waverley please contact Beth Merkus or Nikki Gerling.


Drills by category

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Training Juniors

Coaching Skills Rating

HV Coaching Manual

Coaching Skills

Core Skills Booklet

Delivery & Distribution

Receiving & Controlling

Tackling and Dispossessing

Dribbling & Elimination


Victorian U18 Indoor Half Court Drills Booklet 2007


Dynamic Warmups

Plyometric Type Exercises

Waverley HC Preseason Conditioning

Beep Test MP3


Selection Process

Hockey Positions

Hockey Systems & Variations