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COVID-19 Update 24-March

By March 24, 2020COVID-19

Dear Members,

The Waverley HC Executive Committee met last night (23rd March) to re-evaluate the current situation and action plans with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences for the coming hockey season. Please find a short video from Waverley HC President, Drew Ashton, outlining the outcomes and next steps.

The Waverley HC Executive Committee will meet again next month and will provide an update Tuesday 28th April by 1:00PM to advise members of updated status.

As per our previous advice, if you have any symptoms (fever, breathing difficulties, cough, sore throat or fatigue), you should:

  1. Contact your GP for professional advice.
  2. If a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 is confirmed, please immediately notify our Head of Diversity Inclusion and Welfare,
    Diana Hansen (

Kind regards,

The Waverley HC Executive Committee