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Interview with Andrew Shelton

Sponsored Player: Matthew Steffens

Why do you sponsor and support the Waverley Hockey Club? 
Waverley Hockey Club has played a huge part in my life, I have been involved in the club since I was 14, and have been lucky enough to participate at the highest level as both a player and a coach, which is something I am very proud of. My wife Lauren and I now watch our kids William and Ava running around in the juniors, and together we are able to play in part in their development in the club as well. To be in a position to now be able to give back, through sponsorship and support of the young players coming through, is also something we as a family are very happy to do.

Why did you decide to sponsor Matthew Steffens this year? 
Well, Matty called and asked me to, so it was hard to say no… Matt was an up and coming junior back when I was playing, he always had a great attitude and strived to get the best out of himself, as he was coming up through the ranks back then. Having come back to the club as a coach over the last few years, seeing his development, not only as a player, but as a leader within the group has been fantastic. As a coach, I always knew what Matt was going to bring each week personally, and also the energy and positivity he was going to bring to the group.

What does your business JLG Shop Fit specialise in? 
We specialise in commercial fit outs and construction across all sectors, specialising in Retail, Hospitality, Luxury Brands, Events as well as Commercial Showrooms and Office Fit Outs, throughout Australia & New Zealand. Our national and international reach allows us to work with some of the most iconic brands and businesses from around the world.

What is the most exciting aspect of your Day to Day job? 
Celebrating success with the team, be that due to a tender award or a successful project completion with our clients.

What could Waverley Hockey Club Members to support your business in the future?

Should any of the members be looking for a company that can assist with commercial project delivery, in the sectors as noted above, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always open to new opportunities and our business is driven by great relationships, so anything coming from a fellow Waverley Hockey Club supporter / member would always be valued and welcome.