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Juniors weekly wrap – 2021 round 5

By June 23, 2021Weekly wrap

A relief to be out of lock down and a strong showing on the pitch from our young Panthers with some great results!

Under 10’s

Under 10 Girls

By Ray Lee

Waverley 3 defeated Camberwell 2

After almost a month not playing hockey, Waverley girls are eager and confident, out to the match against Camberwell girls. The Waverley girls started the match well and made the battle just happen in front of Camberwell’s field, however a mistake made by us gave Camberwell the chance to lead with 1:0.  Jade Ashton fought back at the right time and made an important goal just before the first half finished. 

Camberwell girls scored again, luckily at the beginning of the second half which set the match  on fire, parents were shouting loudly making the game like the final of an Olympics.  Zoe’s hockey skills were amazing with 2 goals in a row that made the match easier for Waverley to come back in the lead.  Waverley girls kept running up and down to keep the score unchanged and finished with their second win in a row. Well done Waverley girls.

Under 10 Boys Blue

by Travis Brooks

Waverley 4 defeated Mentone 0

After winning 2 on the trot the boys took to the pitch to see if they could string 3 in a row after the lockdown. A sluggish start saw the boys defend for the majority of the first half with Mentone on top and testing our rugged defenders. But the boys stood strong and repelled the barrage of attacks. Finally the boys found their way out and streamed into attack. With the scores locked at nil all, it took a bit of razzle dazzle from Will to work himself into space and fire a shot too powerful for the defend on the line to contain. The boys took the 1 nil lead into half time.

With Remy leading the boys for the first time this season, his half time talk spurred the boys into an attacking second half. Goal-a-game Noah kept his juggernaut rolling finding the back of the net not once but twice in a powerful display upfront. Rowan put the icing on the cake and capped off a great team effort to see the boys run out 4 nil.

Amazing to see even with the lockdown, the continued improvement of the boys over the season.

Thanks to all the coaches for their efforts!

Under 10 Boys White

by Praveen Nadagouda

Waverley 2 defeated by Southern 4

It was one good match. Our kids gave a good fight. We are been able to score 1st goal in the match and kept the pressure up from 12th min onwards. For quite a good time the score board showed Waverley-1 and SUHC-0. Our kids showed extreme defence tactics. But towards the end of first half, the score board suddenly changed to 1-3 with SUHC leading. Eventually, in the second half each team scored 1 goal, resulting in 4-2 and we lost the match.

One thing we really appreciate the courage with which our kids held the fortress and defence was awesome. There are few more things to learn from our opponents, as always we should keep learning to progress as a team…

Under 12 Girls Shield

by Fay Baker

Waverley 4 defeated Doncaster 0

It was great to be out of lock down and back playing hockey, you could see that all of the girls had that bit of extra energy for this game. Aaliayah got the team off to a strong start with an early goal, whilst most of the play was in their half the Doncaster team defended well and only allowed us to get 1 more goal through Jemma just before half time.

We continued to dominate the field position throughout the second half with Alex providing great go forward for the team up the wing and crossing the ball back into the centre which created some great goal scoring opportunities. Aaliayah scored 2 more goals in the second half to round out the 4 to 0 win. A great team effort with all girls combining well together.

Under 12 Boys Shield

by Jack & Bea

Waverley 0 defeated by Hawthorn 7

It has been over 3 weeks since the last round and everyone was excited to get playing again. The weather was perfect for a game of hockey. This time they were playing Hawthorn, the team on the top of the ladder. The boys defended relentlessly for the first half and only just let 2 goals slip past them. Well done to Alex, Richard, Henry, Chay, Michael and everyone else for defending amazingly.

In the second half, the boys tired out especially after Hawthorn scored 3 goals within the first 10 minutes. The team’s defenses repelled the opposition, but Hawthorn still snuck in 2 more goals. Special mention to everyone who managed to block almost all of the short corners.

Special thanks to Brett and his son for stepping in to help coach the team. Their coaching efforts were greatly appreciated, especially for providing constructive feedback to each team member.

Under 14’s

Under 14 Girls Shield

by Tim Fearn-Wannan

Waverley 5 defeated by TEM 2

Friday night was cold and rainy but fortunately the rain stopped just before game time. After a long layoff after Covid lockdown #4 the girls were a bit sluggish in the first half. The ball was moving quickly from end to end in a free flowing game with no real threats on goal in the first half bar one well placed rocket from a TEM player. Gemma made an amazing save, although later she told us that she slipped!

After an arm wrestle in the second half TEM eventually scored twice to break our hearts and wrap up the game.

We live to fight another day.

Under 14 Boys Shield

by Jerimiah

Waverley 9 defeated Geelong 0

It was a cold and frigid night, with the boys doing star jumps to keep warm pre-game. Our first half started positively with lots of good switching with the ball and passing through the midfield. We kept the pressure up against Geelong with penetrations into their circle every 5 minutes of which we successfully converted into 4 goals. The halftime whistle was greeted cheerfully by the boys looking for their lollies.

We confidently went into the second half needing very little defence early on. There was some really good passing between Oscar and Sam at the wing and a beautiful pass to Connor in the circle to score a goal. Not to say the least, credit to Geelong as they desperately tried to break into our circle to score a few goals ( in which they nearly did!) But thanks to our trusty keeper and defenders we managed to throw them off. Phew!

Overall, we outplayed Geelong in several areas but it was congrats to our boys who practiced during lockdown fresh for this exciting game.

Under 14 Mixed District

by Ananda Kumarasir

Waverley 5 defeated Frankston 1

The under 14s mixed district’s first match of  Winter displayed their continuous high spirits, even after post-lockdown. The Panthers’ steam from their mouths filled the night air of the Hedley Hull Field as they were gearing up to remain undefeated. And undefeated did they remain.

Will scored the first of many goals with a wonderful short corner followed by another goal by Sandesh. However, Frankston started to rise to the occasion, giving Waverley a run for its money by scoring a goal in the second half. Kris, Mithri, Kaeden, Cameron & Henry responded by setting up an impenetrable defence. Attacking back ruthlessly was Jayden, Lachie, Asher & Louis whose hit at post was turned into a goal with Will’s deflection. Ryan played hero of the game in goals as he cemented Waverley’s win, spoiling all of Frankston’s attempts.

Providing a seen first entertainment, Louis ran and flipped over the fence, miraculously free from injuries.

The Panthers bowed out of the night, the final score being 5-1. A big thank you to Ben for filling in for Ethan!

Under 16’s

Under 16 Girls Shield

by Neve Thompson

Waverley 1 defeated by Gippsland Bulls 5

After a few weeks off, the girls were eager to be back playing hockey again. The long trek, in the rain and bad traffic out to Drouin was always going to put up a challenge for the team.

Before the game we already had the umps on our bad side as Jules called quick team talk after the Bulls had already run onto field. After a slightly slower start to the game, Bulls managed to slip away a quick 2 goals forcing us to up our game. Quickly the girls were able to respond, gaining multiple attacking short corners, one, a hit from maj at the top of the D for neve to deflect, resulting in a goal. The bulls went on to score 2 more goals in the first half and Waverley were able to put one more away with some nice linking passes from the back line to up forward.

In the second half, the Waverley played much better, only letting the Bulls secure 1 more goal with game play being very even throughout the half. With the promise of Maccas on the way home the girls managed to stick it out through to the end of the game in the freezing weather.

Great job girls

Under 16 Boys Shield

by Alasdair

Waverley 1 defeated MCC 0

After the two week break the U16 boys shield hoped to return to their prior top form to take on MCC at home. The wet weather set the tone as the ball moved far slower than it normally would on the drenched Waverley turf. Despite this, the u16s controlled most of the possession, weathering only a few attacks from their opponents before smitty converted a penalty corner with a straight hit.

Although they created no shortage of opportunities, whilst making a number of crucial tackles and saves, the score remained 1-0 and Waverley left with a well earned 3 points, moving them to the top of the ladder.

Under 16 Boys Pennant

by Tom Swiebel

Waverley 1 defeated by Camberwell 6

It was a late night at Camberwell hockey club and the weather was cold. Luckily it was dry after a day of rain. Unfortunately, Waverley Under 16 Boys Pennant was down 4 players that day and were only playing with 10 on the field.

It was a hard fought game with 3 goals being scored against us in the first half but towards the end with great teamwork Ben scored our first goal making the score 1-3 in the first half.

We kept our good ball movement throughout the 2nd half. Camberwell scored three consecutive goals towards the start of the 2nd half but Waverley had more opportunities to score in the second half with good ball carrying by Kane and Aiden. Unfortunately Waverley were not able to score another goal, and the game ended with the score being 1-6

Thanks to the parents who were willing and able to drive to Camberwell at this unholy hour!

Under 16 Mixed District

by Vaughan

Waverley 0 defeated by Frankston 12

It was great to be back on the pitch after another Covid induced delay. A tough opponent awaited for us in Frankston, but the team looked excited to be back. The rain held off, the chill set in, and we were away.

Those to the carpark end got a great view of the action in the first half, as the defence was put to the test. Only the bobble of the ball and a missed pass or two stopped us from turning defence into attack. Great desperation saw many attempted shots smothered or deflected, but 4 goals managed to sneak through the gaps.

A half time pep talk and regathering produced a spirited stanza to the 2nd half, and it looked as if the scoreboard had been settled, before a five minute window of a Frankston tsunami flooded the goals with eight more.

The team was far more competitive than the scoreline suggests, and the gelling of the team with more consistent playing will be reflected on the scoreboard soon.