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Team Managers

The role of Team Manager is crucial to keep each team organised !! Below you will find an overview of the role and attached is the manual to support you to do the role.
Team Manager overview

Assists in the organisation of the players in the team throughout the season, prior experience is not necessary. A willingness to help is all that is required. We encourage this role to be shared by two parents. Team Managers are supported by the Age Group Co-ordinator.

Key responsibilities Team Manager:

  • Assists the coach to ensure training and match days run smoothly
  • Maintain communication with parents about match day and training day details eg.. weekly email reminder of game time / location for coming week
  • Maintain the scorebook and enter scores into Hockey Victoria website
  • Collate the voting slips throughout the year for the best and fairest award
  • Ensure first aid kit is available for training and match days
  • Confirm with Umpire co-ordinator there is a team umpire for match days
  • Ensure, along with the coach, that all players and parents observe player code of conduct in their behaviour at all times.
  • For home games, provide match ball at beginning of match and collect at end of match
  • Ensure that players are all wearing correct safety gear – e.g mouth guards and shin pads
  • At end of game, Team Manager needs to get the signature of both umpires on the score sheet and ensure the correct score is recorded.