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Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

By October 19, 2022November 15th, 2022Club, Juniors, Mens, Womens

Dear Club Members

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been scheduled on Tuesday 29 November at 7.00pm both in-person at the Waverley Hockey Club House and via Zoom. A BBQ will follow after the AGM.


The Agenda for the AGM is as follows

  1. Attendance and Apologies
  2. Proxy appointments
  3. Confirmation of previous AGM Minutes
  4. Reports
  • President
  • Treasurer
  1. Election of Office Bearers for 2023
  • President;
  • Secretary;
  • Treasurer;
  • Hockey Director (Vice President)
  • 1-6 Executive Committee Portfolio roles
  1. Nomination of Life Members (if applicable) 
  2. General Business
  3. Date of next Meeting


Voting Rights at AGM

Ordinary, Social or Life Members of the Club are entitled to vote. 


Eligibility to be elected

A member is eligible to be elected or appointed as an Executive Committee member if the member—

(a) is entitled to vote, and

(b) has not had their membership rights suspended; and

(c) is 18 years or older on the date they would take office.


Proxy Appointments (close Monday 28 November at 7.00pm)

  1. Ordinary members may vote personally or by proxy
  2. Social members may vote personally
  3. An ordinary member may appoint another ordinary member as their proxy to vote and speak on their behalf at a general meeting.
  4. The appointment of a proxy may be— 
  1. in writing and signed by the member making the appointment on this form; or 
  2. made by giving notice from the member’s registered email account
  1. The member appointing the proxy may give specific directions as to how the proxy is to vote on their behalf, otherwise the proxy may vote on behalf of the member on any matter as they see fit
  2. A form appointing a proxy sent by post or electronically from a member’s registered email account, is of no effect unless it is received by the Secretary no later than 24 hours before the commencement of the meeting
  3. A person can act as a proxy for no more than 1 ordinary member
  4. A social member is ineligible to appoint a person as their proxy to vote and speak on their behalf at a general meeting


Position Descriptions

All Executive Member roles have a position description, which can be found by clicking here



Please submit nominations for an Executive Member role using this form. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor by the Returning Officer on the day. 


Should you have any questions regarding the upcoming AGM, or wish to submit a proxy appointment, please contact Ngan Booth, Secretary, Waverley Hockey Club via


We hope to see you at the AGM!

Waverley Hockey Club Executive