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Panther Pride & Sponsors Luncheon April 2023

By May 14, 2023Club

The 2023 sponsorship program is progressing well with 4 Club sponsors, 10 Ground sponsors and 25 player sponsors signed up. On Saturday 29 April twenty-two new sponsors banners were installed around Hedley Hull Field (with more installed / planned during May).

To acknowledge our 2023 sponsors the Club Executive hosted a luncheon at the Club with a significant number of Sponsors joining, as well as past Presidents, Life Members and Supporters in attendance.

Approximately 60 people attended the lunch. Formalities were kept brief, including, a President’s address, an overview of the Premier League teams’ pre-season and season performance to date, introduction of the new Sponsors to the club, and hearing from each of them about their business.

The Sponsors and Panther Pride enjoyed the luncheon and the Premier League & Reserves games vs Altona on the day, with Waverley wining three games and losing one, more details below:

Men’s Premier League 3-2 win

Women’s Premier League 0-2 loss

Men’s Premier League Reserve 3-2 win

Women’s Premier League Reserve  8-1 win

To find out more about the Panther Pride (and how to join in – open to all past players and supporters) click here:

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