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Playing Out of Age Policy – Juniors


Ensure and maintain that all hockey players are playing at an appropriate level. Waverley will endeavor, where possible, to provide players with the opportunity to play in the highest grade for their skill level.


‘Carer’ The parent, guardian, family member or friend who is responsible for the player during the period immediately before, during and after the player is at a Waverley Hockey Ground, or a ground hired by Waverley Hockey Club.



If a junior player, or their carer, would like to be considered to play out of their age group the following process will be followed.

a) The junior player or carer must put their request in writing to the Junior Unit President at

b)The relevant coach, Junior Unit Age Group Co-ordinator and the Junior President will form a panel to review the application. They may, at their discretion, involve the relevant coaches and Director of Coaching.

c) The panel will consider the following elements to do with the player

i) Age – applications for players to play up an age group will only be considered for those players who are “top age” in the age group below, no applications will be considered where a player is bottom age or bottom-bottom age in that lower age group. The only exception to this is where there is no team available for the lower aged players.

ii) Fitness – including aerobic capacity, strength, speed, anareobic capacity,

iii) Safety

iv) Commitment

v) Hockey skills

vi) Attitude

vii) Capacity to improve

viii) Playing form at training and games

ix) Composition of the relevant teams, including numbers, skill level and gender of the players and tactical and strategic considerations

d)In considering the factors of section (3)(c), the panel may meet with the player’s carer’s and/or the player to dicsuss the situation.



  • A representative of the panel will notify, in person or by email, the player and the player’s carer as soon as practically possible once the decision has been made.
  • Once a decision has been made the panel is able to move the player back to their original age group in the future based on new information.