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Spotlight on our Policies: Child Safety policy to protect our Junior Players

By August 22, 2022Club

Over the 2022 finals and into the 2023 season we will be featuring our policies to assist members, parents/guardians and volunteers including coaches and team managers to become more familiar with them. Policies can be dry and boring but they are important so
please read on!

Spotlight on Child Safety

Key points of this policy include:

  • Waverley Hockey Club has zero tolerance of Child Abuse;
  •  Change Rooms and Toilets – Member or Volunteers regardless of gender, should only
    enter change rooms and toilets with a Child or Children if accompanied by another
  • Sexual Relationships – It is strictly prohibited for any Member or Volunteer to engage in any inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature with any Child, this includes:
    inappropriate conversations of a sexual nature obscene language of a sexual nature, and/or suggestive remarks or actions;
  • Email, text & social media including private social media groups – Volunteers, Coaches and Team Managers must not communicate directly with players without inclusion of the relevant parent/guardian, this includes phone calls, text messages, emails, social media (public and private groups). This includes messages that may be deemed positive and harmless;
  • All coaches and team managers must ensure that any physical contact with children that occurs in relation to coaching or team management is appropriate for the
  • All volunteers involved with teams which may have players under the age of 18 must have a valid WWCC or other State equivalent.
    The full Child Safety policy can be found here:

To find Waverley Hockey Club policies go to our website and click on Resources or click here:
To report a concern or issue please follow our grievance process which can be found here:
To provide feedback on Waverley Hockey Club’s policies please contact or