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Assisting New Regional and Overseas Players

By March 8, 2017March 24th, 2017Club, Juniors, Mens, Womens

From time to time some of our new players arriving from regional and overseas seek assistance for various reasons to help with relocation and living costs while playing their hockey at Waverley.

We regularly receive enquiries from overseas and country or interstate players to come play at our club. These young men and women generally weigh up the reputation of the club in how it is coached and able to offer guidance/assistance to make their stay both rewarding and enjoyable when considering where to play.

There are several ways Waverley Hockey Club can provide assistance through our network of members and supporters that are helpful in attracting these new players and enhance our reputation for being a club of choice. These might include offers of, accommodation, employment and transport among other things.

Do you have a spare room/flat available?

Young players from interstate and regional areas when coming to Melbourne to advance their hockey ambitions may require a place to stay, at least initially until they become established. So we wish to establish a list of people that may be able to offer a room to stay from time to time – members we can call upon if the need arises.

Players coming from overseas are keen to stay with families, so as to immerse themselves in the Australian lifestyle. There are clear opportunities for hosting family to make a contact for possible exchange visits.

Do you own your own company or work in HR/Recruitment?

Many of you own, work or are in Human Resources roles for business and organisations that hire staff to fulfill a wide range of work requirements. Others may be able to assist in other ways that make new members to our club feel welcome and wanted.


Melbourne with its wide roaming and sometimes remote locations between hockey facilities, transport can be a difficult issue for these players trying to get to grounds. As teammates generally are widespread around our city it is often difficult to arrange a ride and important not to over burden people in the club. Relying upon public transport can also be frustrating and unreliable.

So, if there is a member with a spare vehicle, not being utilised and willing to loan this for a few months during their stay please get in touch.

We would like to establish a network of member contacts that may be available to assist players from time to time with various requests. If you are able to help in any capacity and would like to be included in this program we would like to here from you.

By hosting an international player you are opening avenues for either yourself and or your children to have contacts when travelling and possibilities to play hockey in overseas countries

Please contact Roger Andrews via email, to let us know if you are at all interested and can provide assistance in this program

At the moment we have enquires for the following assistance.
  • French boy 17 years old, wishing to stay June to August, very open to exchange, great opportunity for anyone who may wish to travel and or play hockey in France
    • Seeks accommodation
  • Dutch girl 22 years old wishing to stay late May to September
    • Seeks accommodation
    • Part time/Casual work
  • Dutch girl 18 years old wishing to stay late April till June 30
    • Seeks accommodation
    • Part time/Casual work

Thanks one and all for supporting these initiatives that will undoubtedly lead to Waverley Hockey Club growing further as one of the aspirational hockey clubs in Melbourne of which to be a part of.