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New life members announced

By December 28, 2023Club

At the 2023 Annual General Meeting on 11 December 2023 two new Life Members were ratified. Based on the WHC Constitution and the associated policy ( the club is permitted to elevate one club member to life member each
year and another retrospective awarding of life membership for a previous year. Ken Moore was confirmed as a Life Member (2018) and Bronwyn Maddock (2023).

Ken Moore 2018 Life Member

Ken has always offered to take on volunteer roles with the club in his own diligent and low-profile manner. Working behind the scenes Ken has contributed to the club in the following

  • Eight years as Executive Secretary from 2000-2007
  • Public Officer 2002-2007
  • Several years as Team Manager for State League One (Premier League)
  • Ground Manager 2001-2007
  • Historical sub-Committee 2019-2023 collating club records from HV playing records and WHC archives
  • Founders Trophy recipient 2000 & 2018
  • And one of the most important unsung roles of repair and maintenance of the previous ground lighting and assistance in the procurement of the fantastic new LED lighting that we all enjoy today.

Ken is also unique in that he is the first non-playing male to achieve this important honour and first awarded to a spouse of any existing life member (Helen Moore)
Congratulations Ken and thank you for your ongoing contribution to Waverley Hockey Club.

Bronwyn Maddock 2023 Life Member

Bronwyn has always had the clubs’ best interests in anything she pursues. Bronwyn transferred from Dandenong Hockey Club and commenced playing at WHC in 1988, had a few years off producing three junior members before returning to play from 1998 to 2016.

In addition to Bronwyn’s 25 years on the field she has been busy behind the scenes in many different roles over a whole course of her time at the club:

  • 1989-early 1990’s Social Committee convenor organising
  • Numerous Presentation Nights
  • Barn Dances, Trivia Nights, Bully Day, Comedy night
  • 1990-93 Register
  • 1991 Women’s Unit President where her proudest achievement was advocating for both Women’s and Men’s units to train on the same night from 1992 to this day.
  • 2013 Junior Unit President
  • Bronwyn would always take on a role with the aim of succession planning such as
    • 2009-2010 Uniform co-ordinating before engaging Rosa Hull to take on the
    • 2011-2012 Junior umpiring co-ordinator until enlisting a junior parent to take
      on the job
  • Historical Committee
  • 2019-2023 Historical Sub Committee Chair
  • Special Events
    • 2009 Co-ordination of the WHC 50th year reunion for 220 guests
    • 2010-2011 Co-ordinating and catering for Premier League celebrations
    • 2011 Sportspersons night with guests Colin Batch and Ric Charlesworth
    • 2012 coordination of WHC Strategic Planning day
    • 2020/21 initial planning of the WHC 60 th Anniversary function thwarted eventually by COVID
    • The ongoing co-ordination year on year of the Bert Batch Cup, Life Member functions and the initiation of Panther Pride lunch.
  • Fundraising
  • 2009 raising of $4000 for the framing of memorabilia and premiership photo that you see around the clubrooms
  • 2023 Sponsorship lead. Initiating the ‘player sponsor’ program that brought in funds from over 25 sponsors.

Congratulations Bronwyn and thank you for your ongoing contribution to Waverley Hockey Club.


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