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Detailed Position Description

Applications are sought for the Men’s Premier League coaching position at Waverley Hockey Club for Season 2022. A full position description is linked below. Please email if you have any questions regarding the role or process.

Waverley Position Description – Word Document



 Waverley Hockey Background

Waverley Hockey Club caters for players of all ages and ability within a passionate and friendly club environment. Teams include Minkey, Juniors, Seniors and Masters, for girls, boys, men and women.

Waverley has a Premier League men and women teams, and A grades at all levels of Juniors, along with various grades for all players of various ability and social competitions.

Since its humble beginnings in 1958, Waverley has risen to prominence in Hockey Victoria. The club has produced 15 Australian representatives and countless Victorian representatives.

Waverley has won numerous State League 1/Premier League titles in men’s and women’s competitions and at various intervals. The Club has dominated hockey in Victoria over several consecutive years.

The position of Head Coach of the Waverley Men’s Hockey team is a prestigious and highly valued position within Victorian Hockey. Waverley seeks a proven coach aspiring to high level performance and Victorian premierships.

Role Purpose

As Men’s Coach you will be responsible for leading all aspects of the technical and performance standards of the Waverley premier league team, with the clear goal being to achieve a top 4 finish at the end of regular season and a place in the grand final.

In addition to leading coaches, athletes and staff in the Waverley program, you will work in collaboration with the assistant coach, the Premier League Reserve coaches, the strength and conditioning coaches and all involved in the elite Waverley network to establish a ‘State Best’ program which maximises the input and investment of all stakeholders.

As a result of your leadership and planning, you will build increased capacity and performance in athletes and volunteers.


  1. Understand the key levers for high performance delivery to achieve state success.
  2. Understanding of leading trends in coaching, including coaching science, practices and the appropriate application of leading technology tools.
  3. Ability to effectively leverage and apply expertise from relevant support services to ensure success.


  1. Achieved successful performances at an elite state level in a coaching capacity.
  2. Demonstrable experience in the establishment and execution of a high performance plan that underpinned the attainment of success.
  3. Successfully led a high performance team and network that ensured the potential of all contributors was maximised.


Interpersonal – an ability to attain excellence from all stakeholders through your ability to build partnerships, influence and communicate effectively;

Leadership – a proven track record of establishing an environment that expects and delivers success based on empowerment and the contribution of all involved within the on‐field and off‐field team and broader national network;

Management – an ability to contribute to and successfully implement long‐term high performance plans that are supported by informed operational decisions within budget. This will be demonstrated by your ability to plan and set targets, monitor and measure outcomes against state performance at pivotal points across the cycle;

Personal Attributes – a highly motivated and target‐orientated individual that has a passion for achieving elite success and an ability to constantly drive improvement through the acquisition and application of leading practice and innovation.

Technical – in depth knowledge of the strategy, game style, including, but not limited to outlet control, counter control, attacking transition, defensive transition, zone marking.  Ability to design and implement a training program that specifically targets key plays, strategy and skill required for premier league success


Leadership Lead and manage the coaching, development, preparation and performance of the

Waverley Men’s team in all state competitions:

•      Lead and achieve consistent performance and agreed targets

•      Also establish a platform and provide input to the technical, tactical and program direction

•      Establish relationships with all stakeholders and create a Men’s program environment conducive to the successful implementation of the plan, providing clarity and empowerment for staff and athletes in driving performance outcomes.

•      In collaboration with the key high performance staff, operationalize annual plans and in conjunction with the assistant coach(es), Premier League Reserve coaches, oversee the administration and budgeting associated with the operations of the Waverley Men’s program.

•      When and where required represent Waverley at meetings and forums with primary funding partners and key stakeholders, and contribute to strategic high performance planning requirements.

•      Be an ambassador for the Men’s program, contributing positively to the profile of Hockey and the program through media and sponsorship events, marketing and additional commercial activities;

Athletes Lead and develop preparatory training programs for Waverley Men’s athletes, setting a clear direction for the Men’s team and all athletes based within the centralised program

•      Ensure that all athletes have an individual development plan that incorporates leading and contemporary technical, tactical, physical and mental components of preparation;

•      In consultation with all relevant staff, set measurable targets for each athlete that pertain to constant improvement and peak performance in state competition;

•      Monitor and review athlete performance, providing timely and appropriate feedback to enhance performance;

•      Monitor Development squad athlete individual development plans, progress and performance;