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Waverley Hockey Club needs You

By February 2, 2022Club

Every year we ask for volunteers and to be honest, very few people step up. We have so many small tasks that need to be done but if only a few people are willing then the tasks get aggregated and become a lot of work. So, we really need more people to say they are willing to help. And please don’t wait for us to approach you directly, one on one, we just don’t have the “manpower” to do this.

Tasks are numerous and we can tailor them to your interests and skills, for example:

  • Social media posts
  • Using Mailchimp to create newsletters
  • Collating information to respond to annual surveys from the Council and HV
  • Setting up rosters for canteen duty
  • Opening and closing the facility during the season
  • And many more!

And many formal roles that you may be interested in including:

  • Secretary
  • Operations – overseeing the Operations manager role (a great one for anyone studying sports management!)
  • Unit committees – making sure our teams get organised and out there playing hockey
  • And many more!

If you are willing to help please let Nikki Gerling know via