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Working Bee 2015

By March 5, 2015Club, Juniors, Mens, Womens

It’s time for the annual Waverley Hockey Club Working Bee. There’s plenty of maintenance work that needs to be done around the club and, as they say, many hands make light work.

Date: Saturday 14th March 2015
Time: 8:30am until done, around 1:00pm

There will be an Intraclub Men’s match, starting at 8:00am, so come down early to watch then help out with some odd jobs. The boys will be done by 9:30am and will be helping out after their game.

Please look at the list of jobs below and bring any tools that you think might be helpful. It may be that they aren’t required but it’s always best to have too many tools, rather than not enough. Some of the more important gear is:

  • Drop sheets
  • Paint rollers
  • Brooms
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Wheel barrow
  • Shovels
  • Gloves and other personal protection
  • Drill with hex bits
Jobs to be completed
  1. Paint the male and female toilets off the club rooms.
    Sugar soap, rags, buckets, paint, brushes, rollers and drop sheets required. Three people per toilet.
  2. Clear the disabled toilet of cleaning gear and return to safe operation.
    Relocate cleaning gear to another location. Refix broom holder in another area. Cleaning gear and drill required. Two people required.
  3. Replace broken coat hooks in the change rooms and the dugouts. Fifteen required. Sixteen double coat hooks and screws required. Cordless power drill required. One person required.
  4. Clear roof box gutters, sumps, rain heads, down pipes and pits.
    Check and clean all areas. Brush, hand shovel, rubbish bags required. Two people required. Azza plus one.
  5. Scrape the area around the BBQ clear of existing weeds and sand to approximately 50mm below concrete paving. Backfill with toppings and compact with vibrating plate.
    Shovels, wheelbarrows x 4, maddocks, rakes, eight people required.
  6. Clear garden beds and trim shrubs. Shears, trimmers and clippers required. Four people required.
  7. Refix corrugated sheets to sides of dugouts. Cordless drill. Short hex drive screws. One person required.
  8. Clear gutter around ground. Clean pits. Still broom, shovel, wheelbarrow, required. Four people required.
  9. Clear the small drains to the balcony and replace any broken pipes. Hose and prods required. Section of pipe required. Azza or Freo to complete.
  10. Refix balcony ceilings. Scissor lift drills and screws. Two specialist people. Say Azza and Freo.